Google’s May 2020 Core Update

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On May 4, 2020, Google announced it released a core ranking update, and rest assured, we’re keeping an eye on your analytics.

Algorithm changes are rarely completed in a day, with Google estimating the May 2020 Core Update will take up to two weeks to be complete. So, expect some yo-yoing of results while the algorithm learns what to prioritize. But most notably, there has already been a lot of movements among local SEO search results.

We help you focus on content.

As with all algorithmic changes, the best defense is a good offense. And, as Google says, “We suggest focusing on ensuring you’re offering the best content you can. That’s what our algorithms seek to reward.”

Google has continually offered advice on how to self-assess if you believe you’re providing quality content. Luckily, that’s what The Ad Firm is best at.

Who was affected most.

When looking across the different industries, we can see there has been increased fluctuation affecting most industries significantly—with locksmiths, tradespeople, and cleaning services seeing the largest overall change in their usual levels of fluctuation. While they are working from a smaller base, the latest ranking reports signify unusual flux in these areas, though still far lower than some industries would expect to see on a “normal” day.

Additionally, to look solely at the highest industry scores, the most volatile industries between May 5-8 were hotels, bars, and restaurants—all of which see high flux regularly. Looking beyond these, real estate, car dealerships, medical practices, storage, and legal all saw a lot of local ranking change.

Customers with truly local intent.

For years now, Google has been using algorithms to present relevant and authoritative content to searchers. Now is an excellent time to boost your local SEO efforts: building accurate and relevant citations and filling out your Google Business Profile listing in as much detail as possible (mainly using relevant business categories). For further insight on how to rank for local searches, read our guide to local SEO ranking factors for GBP listings.

The Ad Firm continues to monitor local rankings on a broad basis. This update and its reliance on neural matching should mean you’re more likely to benefit from site and store visitors with truly local intent, rather than mismatched users. In short, the May 2020 Core Update will help local businesses that are more relevant to the searcher’s intent rank higher.


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