Great News: Google Does Not See Differently Formatted Content as Duplicate

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Great News_ Google Does Not See Differently Formatted Content as Duplicate

As we create quality content for websites, we have found that having original content is crucial. But what exactly is considered to be authentic?

According to Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, John Mueller says identical content presented in different formats such as blog posts or videos is not considered a duplicate.

Site owners are very concerned that their sites are free from duplicate content, but Mueller explains that this isn’t as serious an issue as most businesses think. This is a significant relief for concerned site owners because they have more flexibility in creating original quality content inspired by other content on the web. It certainly makes their job much more manageable.

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Creating Quality Blog Content from Video Content

The questions at hand are:

  • Can a site owner create a blog post containing identical content from a YouTube video?
  • Does Google catch this duplicate content?
  • Does it affect your site’s rankings if the content is duplicated?

Google’s Mueller is undoubtedly the best person to answer these questions. He states that Google can’t analyze the text content contained in videos. Thus they cannot map that particular content on text to web pages to check for duplication.

In this case, the video and the text content are considered two distinct pieces even though they may contain the same wording. This means that site owners can feel confident about creating content in different formats based on existing components. SEO agencies provide support to site owners to achieve quality-rich content that ranks high on Google results.

Google has no problem with this practice because people who search for a particular topic want different formats at different times. Perhaps a person is searching for videos on an issue on a particular day, and later they will search for articles on another topic on another day. It is doubtful that one person will search for articles and videos at the same time.

Mueller encourages the repurposing of content and says that businesses should continue to do it. This is often practiced by companies that have a YouTube channel along with a blog. It is a great way to spread your information on different platforms. It increases your visibility and widens your audience.

He further explains that if your blog post is not ranking high on Google, it is an issue with your text content, not with having a video and text combination. The same thing works in reverse, he states. If your video is not ranking high, it has nothing to do with having a blog post that matches it.

According to Muller, when Google detects duplicate content, it doesn’t lead to a huge issue. When this happens, they simply show one version in the search results. They don’t want to offer two versions of the same content, which means they will pick one, which’s the end of the story. It is not a big deal as site owners perceive it to be. It is excellent news for site owners and SEO agencies!

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