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Cold hard facts – nothing can replace the cold hard facts.

Remember back in you Mathematics class in grade school when your professor always urged you to “show your work” when giving an answer? The same ideal should be taken into account for all SEO agencies.

For one thing, it shows that they know what they’re doing that leads to the results they display. Two, it provides readers with a sense of trust to know that a company is willing to be so open to display the “work” they did for their clients. Now, how can SEO agencies make known their strategies worked? Simple – case studies. A process or record of research in which detailed consideration is given to the development of a particular person, group, or situation over a period of time.

We’ve decided to show you first hand our case studies and break down one specific case study so that we can show you the detailed process of what went into getting the results.

SEO Case Study – Private Security Services Company

We decided to focus on this particular case study because it’s the easiest to explain and comprehend for new readers and readers who want a better understanding of organic SEO.

The Initial Goal – Organic SEO

Our client came to us with one goal in mind: Improve their keyword rankings on Google’s search pages. Specifically, they wanted to rank for industry-specific keywords in their local area of Sacramento.

We moved forward by proceeding with our keyword research to find what keywords will be relevant for their niche services and if there’s a high search volume for it in Sacramento.Our main focus was to keep our client’s goals attainable, yet realistic. We want to clarify now that by ranking for broad keywords that are for your industry may not still be the kind of leads you want to be getting. You want prospective clients that are looking for EXACTLY the services you’re offering, or else things can backfire.

Now, how can ranking on broad keywords that many people are searching be bad? Shouldn’t it be good because you’re getting so many people to look at your site, and well, the more people who look at it, the better chance you get of getting clients.

Here’s where things go awry with these state of mind. For one, all those people don’t want what you’re selling.

For example, if you’re a motorcycle mechanic that specializes in Harley Davidson, by ranking for “motorcycle repair” you’ll be getting motorcycle owners of all kinds of brands. But wait, surely many of these website visitors will have Harley Davidson, who cares of the others don’t.

That’s not necessarily true. Yes, many people will be visiting your site but many people will also be leaving your site immediately after they find out you can’t fix their Yamaha. That’s called a bounce, and having a high bounce rate will negatively affect your website’s rankings. In addition, it’s a huge waste of company time if you’re receiving calls from unqualified leads that lead to nothing. It’s a lot of extra work that is going to waste.

Let’s not forget the high amount of competition that these keywords are getting, which means a lot of extra work for the SEO agency to be putting forth for little return.Here at The Ad Firm, we work the opposite; we strive to get the best results with efficiency, not “busy work”.

As we’ve stated before, we want to help the client reach their goals to match what they’re looking for.

SEO Audit

Before we ever get into what our next steps would be for our clients, we first need to do an all-around SEO audit to really know what it is we’re getting into. Our well-versed web developers scan their entire website do find any faults, flaws, or any defects that can already be affecting the site.

Many other SEO agencies love to jump right in and start optimizing anything and everything to get their client’s rankings as high and as quickly as possible.

First of all, it takes months for organic SEO to have an legal implication on a website’s rankings – don’t trust the quick rise as it may have been done in a wrongful manner.

Audit For Our Case Study

We ran a full-scale audit for our client and we found that they were lacking in optimized content for many of their services. In other words, the website was too basic and too simple for new users to find any worthy reason of staying. Also, the many keywords that they were trying to rank for were not being used in their website at all. In one glance you would have never known that they were a company that provided private security services.

Organic SEO Strategy

Two simple yet time-consuming strategies need to take place:

  • Local
  • Content

As the aforementioned stated, the client wanted to be ranking mainly around the Sacramento area since that’s where the bulk of their clients came from. Making sure that Google Local was finding them whenever people searched for that area was critical. Unfortunately, we can’t get into specifically what we did to get make our client rise up on Google Local’s ranking, but you can see for yourself the results our client was attaining.

Follow this LINK to explore their rankings

In Sacramento, you’re able to see the drastic rise of many of their keywords going from double-digit rankings to placing in the first or second spot, which is where most of the traffic tends to click on.

Here’s a statistic provided by Hubspot stating that “the Google 3-pack appears in the top spot in 93% of searches with local intent”. Yes, that’s a whopping 93%!

What does that mean for our client?

In a very straightforward manner, it means that our client is going to be coming out on top of Google search pages when users are searching for their keyword in Sacramento. We needed to build a strong local web presence using their Sacramento office as the focal point of search for prospects.

As for content, we needed to build fresh new content for our client to continue with relevant content that their prospects wanted to see and to show Google that it’s an active business. What this would do is steadily increase their rankings up Google’s search results pages.

Final Thoughts On Organic SEO

Organic SEO is still a very strange topic for not only small business owners but any business owner who’s interested in improving their rankings. We hope that by presenting a specific case study and diving deep into the details into what our client needed, what the strategy we decided to take, and the actual results they achieved. The only way our agency is successful is by ensuring all of our clients are successful, and that’s a goal both parties share. If you’d like to take a look at our other case studies, please refer to our SEO Case Studies page.


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