Tips On How To Measure Your PPC Campaigns Success

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How To Measure Success In A PPC Campaign

With the ever-increasing importance of digital marketing in every business’s success, launching a PPC (pay-per-click) campaign without a PPC management company will ultimately result in inadequate returns. Like all marketing initiatives, you need adequate knowledge and experience to employ the best methods and techniques for positive returns. Therefore, you must measure and analyze its effectiveness to maximize the return on your investment. However, the challenge is pinning the exact metrics that determine whether it is worth it. For this reason, you may need the services of a PPC management company to help you employ the best PPC strategies particular to your industry.

Understand The Right Metrics To Track

There are various tools and metrics that you can use to evaluate your PPC campaigns’ effectiveness and success. Using the wealth of information at your disposal, you must analyze and review your KPIs and other campaign data. However, before exploring them, you must familiarize yourself with the different metrics to determine which one is relevant for your campaign. Some of these metrics include the following:

  • Click-Through Rate (CTR) – Refers to clicks divided by impressions. Divide the number of people clicking the ad by the number of people who see it.

  • Cost Per Conversion (CPC) – This shows how much you have spent to gain a new client.

  • Conversion rate – Measures the frequency of a click being converted to a sale

  • Cost Per Click – This shows the amount spent on each click

  • Quality score – It reveals whether the combined performance of your landing page, keywords and ads are good.

  • Search impression share – Measures the frequency of your ads being displayed for a keyword.

  • Impressions and clicks show how often your ads are displayed on a search results page.

  • Clicks – Measures the number of times your paid ad is clicked

  • Account activity

  • Ad Text Optimization

Since you now know which metrics to focus on, the next thing is understanding what the numbers mean. If, for example, you find out that your ad has a CTR of 3.5%, does it mean our campaign is effective, or do you need improvement? How do you know whether you get the maximum return on your investment from these numbers? This may be very challenging without the help of a PPC management company.

Benchmarking Your Paid Ad’s Performance

It would be best if you never focused on a specific metric. Even if one metric is stagnant, you can still reap significant benefits from your campaign. For this reason, you must review all Key Performance Indicators or metrics to assess your PPC campaign’s efficiency. With the help of a PPC management company, everything is made simple.

Benchmarking Results Against Goals

A PPC management company will ask you to start by setting campaign goals before carrying out the PPC campaign. You can then use your goals as a yardstick to determine your success by looking at how far or near you are to achieving them. Examples of campaigns goals include:

  • Product and brand consideration

  • PPC For Branding

  • Sales and leads conversion

  • App Promotion

  • Website Traffic

  • Maintaining a competitive edge through SEO

  • Custom goal

When setting these goals, you must choose what matters most to you. Although the metrics are important, your goals will help you determine which of them should be your primary focus.

View Your Campaign From A Macro Level

An experienced PPC management company will tell you that one week is not enough time to start evaluating the success of your campaign. Changes or improvements that occur within a short time are likely to be insignificant and non-conclusive. By looking at your PPC campaign from a long-term perspective, you will understand the importance of giving it enough time to grow before evaluating its progress.

Professional PPC Management Company To Launch Your PPC Campaigns

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