The Ad Firm Wins UpCity 2022 Los Angeles Local Excellence Award

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The Ad Firm Wins UpCity 2022 Los Angeles Local Excellence Award

Established in 2009, UpCity has helped businesses find top-rated, reliable B2B service providers for 13 years. With their proprietary algorithm utilizing digital signals to determine trustworthiness and credibility, UpCity’s Recommendability Rating has selected The Ad Firm as one of the winners for the 2022 Los Angeles Local Excellence Award, thanks to our unparalleled digital marketing services.

With over 50,000 listed providers and more than 1.5 million businesses consulting UpCity for the best B2B provider for their needs, The Ad Firm is grateful to have been selected as one of the winners of this award.

Considering the cut-throat competition, The Ad Firm is immensely honored to receive this award from a prestigious and reputable organization. So, what are the Recommendability Rating factors, and what does it say about The Ad Firm’s service?


UpCity’s Recommendability Rating

UpCity’s Recommendability Rating serves as a ranking guide to determine the top B2B service providers nationally and in each local market, providing businesses with reliable partners.

Avid believers in building long-term relationships with partners and site visitors, UpCity uses 8 factors from internal and external sources to calculate the Recommendability Rating. The 8 factors include:

Profile Completion

With over 50,000 provider listings, profiles highlight around 40 of each provider’s data points, including target markets, prices, services, and more.


Since UpCity is a crucial resource for finding the top B2B providers for businesses, UpCity can guarantee they can connect you with the best providers for your businesses through review management, recruiting, expert posting, and more.

UpCity Reviews

Since reviews offer an honest and in-depth view of a company’s caliber, UpCity’s proprietary algorithm takes into consideration both review quality and quantity as a component of their Recommendability Rating.

Google Business Profile Reviews

As with UpCity reviews, Google Business Profile reviews also provide a genuine evaluation of a company’s strengths and weaknesses. As such, both review quantity and quality are also considered in the algorithm.

Search Engine Rankings

UpCity tracks over 56,000 keywords to determine which providers are displaying superior domain expertise and authority.

Listing Accuracy

As with Google, UpCity also values trustworthiness, which is why UpCity ensures its listing is consistent with Google’s.

Domain Authority

UpCity utilizes a reliable domain authority metric to determine a provider’s domain authority, according to Google and other search engines.

Website Experience & Speed

A provider’s website speed plays a crucial part in online users’ and potential customers’ first impressions. Google’s PageSpeed tool offers valuable insight into how businesses can improve their website speed and experience score.

With a carefully crafted algorithm determining a provider’s Recommendability Rating, you can rest assured UpCity’s awardees undoubtedly offer top-notch service with the highest brand performance and integrity.


Win With The Ad Firm

The Ad Firm is a multi-award-winning digital marketing agency that has taken the online advertising industry by storm through reliable, data-driven strategies with a sole focus on helping clients win.

From our launching in 2009 until winning the UpCity 2022 Los Angeles Local Excellence Award and thereafter, The Ad Firm has been offering top-rated, comprehensive digital marketing services.

Although we’re undoubtedly honored for the accolade, our relentless pursuit of offering unrivaled online marketing services is fueled by our drive to help clients win. Here’s how we can help you outrank your competitors:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Local SEO
  • PPC (Pay-Per-Click)
  • CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO Content Creation
  • Web Design & Development
  • Reputation Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Ecommerce Marketing

Accelerate your digital marketing game and take advantage of The Ad Firm’s multi-award-winning service today. Hurry, fill out our form and get your FREE estimate!

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