Protecting Your Business: Top 10 SEO Scams In 2021

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Protecting Your Business: Top 10 SEO Scams In 2021

Search engine optimization (SEO) has proved to be one of the most powerful digital marketing tools. Because organic listings are trusted more than paid listings on Google search results, more and more people are shifting their focus to SEO.

It has led to a rise in demand for SEO services from business professionals across the world. But with an Irvine SEO company and other professionals in the sector, they will surely meet the demand.

But the problem is that the industry has been flooded by unscrupulous individuals who are taking advantage of unsuspecting SEO customers. The question is, how will you distinguish between a genuine SEO firm from a fake?

Understandably, most business owners do not have enough time to master the art of search engine optimization. The only way to be safe is to work with a reputable SEO agency Irvine has.

Below are 10 SEO scams you need to watch out for:

1. “We guarantee the page rankings.”

There’s no doubt that every business owner wants their website to be ranked on the first page of search engines like Google. It should be a red flag because Google doesn’t guarantee listings on the first page for AdWords. Any individual or company giving you such promises is not being honest.

2. “We know people who work with Google.”

Although this may have some truth, it still doesn’t guarantee that the individual or company will optimize your website. Even though Google has working agreements with various marketing agencies, it doesn’t involve search engine optimization.

3. Suspicious emails and contact forms

You have probably come across unsolicited emails or contact forms on your websites to convince you about SEO services. The best thing to do is ignore them because they intend to access or hack into your system.

4. “We will get you over 2,000 visitors on your website every day.”

Never fall into this scam. Most companies use bot-generated traffic and will try to make you believe that it is human traffic. Even if that’s true, traffic alone is not enough. What matters is the conversion rate. How many conversions will you get from that traffic?

5. “We have a secret to the SEO.”

Some people will approach you with this kind of scam. They will tell you how they have a “secret” sauce to search engine optimization. Although no one can claim that they fully understand how the algorithm works (not even Google), some proven strategies have shown positive results.

6. “We have the best link-building strategy.”

There are many link-building scams out there. Some will claim to generate thousands of links to your website within a short time. But the question is: will those links improve your rankings?
If you are looking for reputable search engine optimization services Irvine companies offer, then try to look for a company that has a proven track record as far as SEO is concerned.

7. “We will submit your website or blog to hundreds of search engines.”

It is a big red flag because there are only three major search engines: Yahoo, Google, and Bing. In most cases, they will show you a list of fake search engines and some that don’t even exist.

8. Web design companies providing SEO services

When looking for professional SEO services Irvine companies offer, it is essential to go for companies that specifically deal with search engine optimization.

9. “We can offer double what your current SEO company is doing for less.”

They always say that cheap is expensive. If you hear a company telling you that they can offer much more than your current provider if offering for less, then that should raise a big red flag. Professional SEO companies value their work and won’t lower the quality of their services for the sake of gaining customers.

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