16 Ways to Use LinkedIn More Effectively

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LinkedIn is indeed a powerful tool for networking and making connections. There are a lot of ways LinkedIn can be used effectively.  In this article, we will help you find ways on how LinkedIn can be used effectively.

Your Profile :-

  1. Create a Profile Badge

Creating a profile badge that links to your public profile in LinkedIn is an effective way to promote yourself. There are a lot of different badge designs to choose from that can match the style of your website.

  1. Optimize Links

Using and modifying anchor text in your LinkedIn profile is a great idea to make your profile more appealing to viewers and connections.

  1. Search Engine Optimize your Profile

You can add keywords in your profile headline or throughout your profile summary in order for your profile to be search engine optimized.

  1. Use Saved Searches

You can save your searches whether these are job searches or people searches. This will allow you to get reminders and alerts from these saved searches.

  1. Have Your Skills Endorsed

Have your skills be endorsed by other people. You can ask your connections to make endorsements and recommendations on your skills. This will allow you to present your skill set in your profile more effectively.

For Networking :-

  1. Make your Profile an Open Profile

An open profile is available on premium LinkedIn account. With this, it allows you to message any member regardless of connections, if they allow Open Profile messages. This allows you to interact with other LinkedIn members and can expand your connections more.

  1. Export your Connections

Exporting your connections via .CSV or .VCF file is a great idea for tracking your contacts and getting an overall profile of your network.

  1. Utilize LinkedIn Groups

Using LinkedIn groups allows you to send up to 15 messages per month to other group and can also allow you to view the profiles of your members. You can also opt to create your own group if you don’t find any group within your expertise.

  1. Email your LinkedIn Group

If you are an admin of a LinkedIn group, you can email them once a week in the form of announcements which will directly appear in their inbox.

  1. Share your LinkedIn Updates on Twitter

You can reach more people by using the @mentions feature in Twitter that works like a tag on Facebook. Whenever you use this feature, the company will be notified and their Twitter followers will also see that certain update.

For Business and Marketing :-

  1. Optimize your LinkedIn Company Page

Set up your company page effectively by using the latest layout and banner. You can create a showcase page in order to present your products and services more effectively.

  1. Create Targeted Showcase Pages

Showcase Pages are used to promote product and services that caters to a specific persona. It also gives your visitors a more personalized experience for your Company Page.

  1. Regularly Post Company Status Updates

Producing new and fresh content every now and then can attract a larger audience which will be beneficial for your company. Using LinkedIn’s status targeting options allows administrators to target specific audiences based on different criteria.

  1. Use LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse is a publishing and news content production platform that is available in LinkedIn.  Pulse can allow companies to browse interesting and popular industry news. Pulse can also help companies to discover influencer publishers and contributors. You can also use the LinkedIn Pulse stories to boost your company’s professional reputation.

  1. Explore LinkedIn’s Content Marketing Score

The Content Marketing Store can measure user engagement using sponsored updates, influencer posts, group pages, company pages and employee updates. You can use the resulting score to look for recommendations for the improvement on your page’s LinkedIn content pages.

  1. Try LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn also offers ads and sponsored updates. You can target specific audience based on job function, title, company size, and industry. This will allow your ads to be in front of those who will likely read on them.


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