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Digital Marketing: Looking Ahead in 2015

Digital Marketing: Looking Ahead in 2015

It is that time of year again! Businesses are wrapping up and reviewing this year’s successes while planning for 2015. What digital marketing plans do you have in the works for 2015, and are they in line with what is changing in the industry? In this blog post, we provide a recap of 2014 highlights […]

Increasing Quality Score For Adwords, Orange County, CA

HOW WE CAN LOWER YOUR CPC BY INCREASING YOUR QUALITY SCORE Quality score is majorly depends on three things i.e. Landing Page Relevancy as per Keywords Ad Relevancy as per Web Page Content, Keywords, Objectives, Page Structure etc CTR (Click Through Rate) It can be illustrated with the image below: We can also take Absolute Maintenance […]


Small business owners are at a loss how to handle content marketing. These are the main problems that they are usually faced with: What to write about How to rank in local search engine results pages How to use social media properly What’s sad is that it is not difficult to find answers to these […]

Google 3-Pack will soon become 2-pack, will soon include Advertisement

CHANGES IN THE GOOGLE LOCAL PACK Changes are expected in the Google’s Local Pack. One out of the three results in the local pack will be an advertisement. The announcement was made by Google at the SMX Advanced Local Workshop. The 3-pack, which in the past featured purely organic listings, would now include one ad at […]

Why You Should Use Angie’s List Now

WHY YOU SHOULD USE ANGIE’S LIST NOW Angie’s List is a crowd-sourced website that contains reviews of local businesses, mainly those that provide home services. It used to be that users needed to become members first before they can view the reviews and the ratings. The site has removed that restriction and it now allows. […]


Knowing More about User Behavior

The internet and the industries attached to it can change quickly. That’s certainly the case with digital marketing. A study conducted by Adobe shows that more than 75% of marketers believe that their industry has changed so much in the past two years. In fact, they believe that the changes that happened in that short time span […]

How to Find Duplicate Content on Your Site

Google wants to show a set of unique results for each page that they provide to users. That means they are always seeking unique content. They do not want to show the same content over and over.  That is why the elimination of duplicate content is so important. In fact, it is crucial in obtaining […]

Knowing More about How the Local Search Algorithm Works

Aside from worrying about the usual SEO for a business website, you also need to think about local SEO if you are handling a local business.  This means dealing with Google Business Profile, Reviews, and Citations. Understanding how the local search algorithm work would help you a lot. Here are some insights on how local […]

8 Secrets for Choosing the Right SEO Agency

8 Secrets for Choosing the Right SEO Agency

It is a must now for a business to have a sound online marketing strategy. Not having one would leave your business at a terrible disadvantage, because other businesses in your niche are sure to develop their own digital marketing strategy. This is where a SEO agency can help you out. How do you go […]

10 Questions You Should Ask Before You Hire a SEO company

10 Questions You Should Ask Before You Hire a SEO company

It’s not going to be easy to hire a SEO expert. There are so many things that need to be considered. In order to help you out, here are the ten things that you should ask them: What’s Your Opinion of My Website?You are basically partnering with an SEO expert. It helps when you have […]


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