5 Lessons Learned from Link Building Campaign Failures

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The Internet is a world that requires you to be keen to details, or else, you’ll fall on traps of fake content and trolls. An SEO optimized content is not guaranteed to perform well. There are a lot of times when publish a content we think is just “okay” and it ends up blowing into a big hit. However, more often than not, there are also those that we expect to be a huge success but ends up being a giant flop.

You are no wizard when it comes to controlling the whims and demands of this online world, but you can always choose to avoid specific matters when you craft your content so that you can measure your success. Below are tips from Kerry Jones, associate marketing director of Fractl, to help you create a high-performing content.

  1. Mind your data.

For content including a considerable measure of information, it can be enticing to distribute each and every information point you collect. One good example of this could be surveys. It is always the end goal of every “publisher” of not just sharing the greater part of the information they’ve gathered in a review, yet in addition, presenting all results, from the tiniest to the largest that they think will affect the content — paying little heed to regardless of whether the greater part of that information is super convincing. While this can give publishers a vast volume of potential edges to look over, the outcome is frequently unfocused content without a firm account. Just incorporate the most astute, intriguing information which focuses in your topic of choice, regardless of the possibility that not all of the data you’ve gathered will be used to prove a point.

  1. Videos aren’t very effective link builders.

Content in the form of videos can be amazingly successful for viral sharing, which is incredible for brand awareness. However, are these content also awesome for acquiring links? We dare say no. When you consider virality, videos most likely ring a bell — which is precisely why you may accept the fact that videos can draw in a huge amount of backlinks. The issue however, is that publishers, once in awhile give appropriate attribution to videos. Rather than connecting to the video’s maker, they simply install the video from YouTube or link or connect it to YouTube. While a link to the content creator frequently happens naturally with a bit of static visual substance, this is regularly not the situation with recordings.

Obviously, you can contact any individual who uploads your video on the Internet without connecting to you and request a connection. Be that as it may, this can include a tedious additional progression to the time-concentrated procedure of video creation and advancement.

  1. Visual assets are very effective.

A static picture always makes the cut. Why?  Because numerous sites have points of confinement to the kind of media they can distribute. Each publisher can distribute a realistic still photo, however not every person can install more complex file format like .gifs.

  1. Never go super niche if you want a high-performing content.

There is a huge risk of not getting anything in return when you go super niche. The more you go specific, the smaller your potential audience becomes and that means the potential links to other sites also decreases.

You see, there are a huge number of people which may be interested in arts, but a fewer people are interested in painting. Some are interested in calligraphy, or paper printing. Being too specific about your topic will probably yield to a low number to zero links.

  1. You must know your content topic very well.

It’s relatively fine to create content that is relevant to your brand, but the connection between the topic and what you do should be noticeable. Do not leave publishers confused as to why you are writing about the content you chose.

Sometimes, you just cannot avoid failures, particularly when you’re pushing limits or exploring different avenues regarding something new. Fortunately with failures, you have a tendency to have the best “a-ha!” minutes. This is the reason having a post-battle audit of what did and didn’t work is so essential. Keep a list of your best and worst works, and from there you would be able to determine what mistakes you should avoid doing in the next sets of content you do.


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