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How To Get 5-Star Reviews

5-Star Reviews The Food & Beverage industry is the one who really benefits from using reviews to garner much more customers to their…
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Know Your Target Audience

In an ideal world, the whole world would be a potential client interested in our product or service, but that’s not the truth,…
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Will IDX Help Improve Real Estate SEO?

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Are Yelp Ads Worth The Spend?

Yelp, the current juggernaut of online review platforms. We all know that Yelp has a strong online presence for many businesses who want…
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How To Lower Your Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate We all want people to visit our website and get to know what you have to offer. Of course we don’t…
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Know When To Pause Your Google Ads, Not Delete Them

First thing's first, Google Adwords has now been renamed to "Google Ads". Google Ads can definitely be seen as a gamble, even for…
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