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An OB/GYN’s Guide to Online Reputation Management

People love asking Google about health concerns. Over the past 10 years, search engine technology has become measurable and transparent. Now, physicians can take action and engage with patients online — a powerful tool. Every month, there are between 30,000 and 70,000 searches for the phrase “OB/GYN near me.” Moreover, people are constantly looking up […]

For An OB/GYN Practice, Local SEO Works Best

The best thing about local OB/GYN SEO is that it offers a dynamic and transparent strategy. Local SEO brings lasting results that increase over-time — even when costs are fixed. Nowadays, SEO is highly measurable and can be evaluated, assessed, and revised to reflect shifts in the healthcare market. SEO is rapidly growing in importance […]

SEO-Friendly Web Design — When Your Website Works For You

Your online presence needs to have ‘skin in the game.’ This means getting search engines, like Google, to recognize the answers and solutions you have for patients. Our OB/GYN SEO experts bring lasting results that increase over-time, even when costs are fixed. A website can’t succeed just in content or design — it needs an […]

Top 5 Shady SEO Sales Tactics

Don’t get duped! Here are the 5 most common shady sales tactics — and simply put lousy marketing. We believe in “white hat” marketing. The term “white hat” refers to SEO tactics that follow the terms and conditions of major search engines, such as Google. “Black hat” SEO refers to techniques and strategies used to […]

Meet BERT — Google’s New Algorithm

Our curiosity is endless. People search the Internet for information daily. For years now, Google has been using algorithms to help avoid keyword-stuffed webpages to improve their users’ search experience. In 2020, search is getting even more sophisticated with Google’s latest algorithm, named BERT. At its core, search and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is about […]

A 2020 Search Trends Forecast

Consumer behavior makes predictable shifts as seasons come and go — from spring to the Holiday Season and so on. But, as Zahid Zakaria, Senior Director of Insights and Analytics at Yext states, “the need for businesses in every category to be in control of their facts online stays important year-round.” Yext, the Search Experience […]

Yelp Partners With PPC Ad Agencies – Avoid Wasting Your Yelp Advertising Budget

Yelp Ads are slowly becoming more sophisticated. A new keyword targeting option has recently been released that allows Yelp Ads to target a specific audience. This means more strategy and more control over your spending budget. In the past, Yelp advertisements produced a vast amount of “budget burn” and created non-productive advertising expenditures. If this […]

New GMB Features, Discovery Searches, and Optimizing for Search Behavior! Oh My!

BrightLocal recently finished its biggest research-piece, the Google My Business (GMB) Insights Study. This study analyzed 45,000 GMB listings across 36 industries, revealing insights on how business and consumer behavior relates to GMB listings. In light of Google recently releasing new and improved GMB features, the key findings and insights are particularly exciting. This recent […]

Wix May Be Slowing Down Your SEO Pages

A pioneer for website builder SEO platforms, Wix SEO features appears to give you the full gamut of SEO efforts. Connecting your Wix site to Google Analytics or Google Search Console can provide metrics tracking, but it will most likely be an uphill climb without a good SEO strategy. Is Your Wix Site Holding You […]

Our OB/GYN SEO Delivers – Ready for More Patients?

Patients are avid researchers. Over the past ten years, search engine technology has continually been transforming the Internet. However, search engines are often merely keeping up with the questions, recommendations, and help people look for online. This consumer behavior — typically referred to as search behavior — has become measurable and transparent. We now can […]


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