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Meet an independent research company based out of Washington, DC. helps firms connect with buyers of business services. The  company saw a challenge, and they solved it. Clutch understood that the old market insight to guide business buying decisions was limited and very unorganized. Advertorials, paid endorsements, and sponsored posts created a wide net for businesses to choose a credible and accessible company while also creating a difficult market research landscape. What the website did was provide a platform of in-depth client reviews, data-driven content, and vetted market leaders to make it easier for businesses to find reliable firms for their next big project.

How Exactly Does Help

The Leaders Matrix methodology  is where service providers are mapped based on their areas of focus and their proven ability to deliver. Leaders matrices are developed for key service marketers where unique skills are required. wanted to key in on “Ability to deliver”. This dimension is composed of three criteria to evaluate:

  1. References and reviews: This is’s most heavily-weighted component. Clutch reviews from clients provide feedback on those specific businesses. They contact current and former clients to get their input on quality of services, cost and overall value, ability to meet agreed project schedules, and is this interviewee willing to refer this company.
  2. Clients and experiences – Involves the client portfolio and types of projects completed for those clients.
  3. Market presence – Does the company information inspire confidence? Has the firm developed a strong reputation and authority in their industry? Any industry recognition and awards? Do they have a social media presence?

Each focus of the Leaders Matrix integrates depending on the characteristics of the market being evaluated. analysts review and curate quantitative data on their area of focus provided by each firm.

What Does This Mean For Your Business

As a neutral third-party, the website benefits both seekers and firms. collects reviews on your behalf and use the ratings to rank the best companies in those specific industries. Here’s what can do for your business:

  1. They request reviews on your behalf – It’s difficult enough to ask our own clients for reviews and critique our work. Yes, it can get a bit awkward as well. does the work for us. This allows the client to be more honest and genuine when giving feedback about the relationship.
  2. Ability to remain anonymous – Clients can choose to remain anonymous when giving their feedback. Again, this allows the client to be completely honest so future prospective clients know that each review is 100% authentic.
  3. Free promotion – Free promotion? You don’t see that everyday. Yes, promotes your brand and the reviews you get. Also, gives you great ideas for how to view and recalibrate your brand value proposition.
  4. Prompt – Reviews are published rather quickly. This ensures fresh feedback and credibility when future clients consider hiring in a specific industry. They’re regularly asking for feedback from clients to ensure fresh new content to prospective client’s confidence that feedback is reliable. is able to list your business to reach thousands of customers who are ready to connect and are actively looking for services that your firm offers. You can find The Ad Firm on and see how we stack up. Check out our page!

We’re also featured on Clutch’s sister website, The Manifest, as a leading SEO service provider!


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