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Beginner E-Commerce SEO Tips

Where have the days gone where you would go to your local mall and shop for all your favorite clothes, shoes, toys, etc? Where are the days when you’d go to the mall to hangout and dine with your friends and family? Well, it’s not necessarily gone, it has only moved. Amazon came in like […]

Setting SEO Goals

Are you sure you’re setting the correct SEO goals for your business? We want to make sure that your SEO goals are not too off-base from your marketing and company goals. We want to tell you that there’s also ways to improve the way you measure your goals to investigate if they all coincide. Where […] Helps Find Firms For Your Business

Meet an independent research company based out of Washington, DC. helps firms connect with buyers of business services. The  company saw a challenge, and they solved it. Clutch understood that the old market insight to guide business buying decisions was limited and very unorganized. Advertorials, paid endorsements, and sponsored posts created a wide […]

Proving ROI In SEO

One of the most important , if not, the most important answer that businesses want when it comes to making an investment is “What is going to be the ROI?” That’s what the end game is when a business takes a risk investing in something that may or may not pay dividends. As a business […]

How-To: Understanding Your Clients

We decided to dive into three questions/concerns that SEO agencies and clients have when trying to communicate SEO with each other. As we are both an Orange County and San Diego SEO Company, we come across two major areas where businesses are competing with one another and they need an extra leg up. The mention […]

Google’s New Algorithm Update

In case you haven’t heard yet, Google has confirmed of their “Broad Core Algorithm Update” this past Wednesday, August 1st. If you’ve noticed a shift in your keyword rankings in the past few days, this new update may be the reason why. Many people have seen their websites either jump or dip on the SERPs […]

How To Optimize Your Page Speed

As you may or may not know, Google has released a new page speed update earlier this month that can actually impact your website on mobile. Google has now incorporated the new speed update algorithm in the mobile search results as a search ranking factor. This update only impacts the slowest of sites on the […]

pay per click management

Know When To Pause Your Google Ads, Not Delete Them

First things first, Google Adwords has now been renamed to “Google Ads.” Google Ads can definitely be seen as a gamble, even for people who have years of experience managing PPC campaigns. We’re taking the words right out of Kenny Rogers’ mouth, “Know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em.” With Google Ads, […]

How To Lower Your Bounce Rate

We all want people to visit our website and get to know what you have to offer. Of course we don’t want all of our visitors to immediately leave after just checking out one page. Not only does it hurt our website in the short term and long term, it’s demoralizing as a company to […]

Are Yelp Ads Worth The Spend?

Yelp, the current juggernaut of online review platforms. We all know that Yelp has a strong online presence for many businesses who want to build awareness among consumers. If you’re searching for something on Google, Yelp has a great chance of landing on the top of the SERPs. As a small business owner, you’ve found […]


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