Dealing with the Top 3 Challenges Between SEOs and Business Owners

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If you are a business owner working with an SEO service provider, you are probably all too familiar with the challenges that you can face while working along with your SEO. The challenges are not only real, they are also tough. The same applies when you are an SEO working with a business owner. You might think that it is impossible to overcome these challenges but that is not true. There is usually a certain disconnection that happens between SEOs and business owners.

First, most SEOs can feel it’s a bit frustrating when the business owner does not understand the value of SEO and is expecting a specific number for the ROI but it’s difficult to prove it. Looking at this problem from the business owner’s point of view, you can think that it’s also frustrating to invest in something that won’t give you any detail about your ROI, despite the money you put in as an investment in your SEO campaigns. Secondly, it is a challenge for SEOs when the business owner does not understand SEO and the SEO provider will have to explain every single move and justify it for the owner. It can be equally tough when the business owner and the SEO service provider do not see eye to eye when it comes to implementing link building into the SEO campaign. These are quite a handful so let’s go through them one by one.

    1. Business Owner Does Not Understand How Valuable SEO is and is Looking for Specific Numbers on for ROI

SEO is valuable because it can strongly influence organic search. Organic search is important because it is what would bring the most qualified visitors to your site. Even if you compare it with any other digital marketing channel, organic search will always yield the best results. It also delivers consistent visitors and with people using search engines more and more on a daily basis, organic search paves the way for you to grow your organic traffic. You can ensure this will happen when you make your site more attractive to Google with your content. SEO service providers may not be able to provide an exact amount for your ROI but they can at least provide an estimated ROI for your business. For SEOs, it is best if you avoid overthinking your calculation for ROI too much – or else you’d get stuck. Provide your predicted ROI, get a sign-off and move into your activities to actually get that ROI delivered.

2. Business Owner Still Does Not Understand How SEO works and the SEO Provider Needs to Justify Every Move

There can be many reasons why this kind of disconnect happens in an SEO-business owner relationship. It could be that the business owner truly does not understand how SEO works. Another reason is the SEO provider does not really know what the business owner wants from them. Sometimes, when the business owners do not provide the information readily, you should make a move to know what they want from you. You can start by thinking about an issue the business owner is struggling with. You can also try to ask questions such as the business owner’s concerns and current business pressure they might probably be experiencing. When you get the answers, you can then think about how you can align with the issues the business is focusing on. If you are the business owner, provide as much useful information and date as possible to lessen confusion and to increase your chances of having a successful SEO campaign.

3. Business Owner and SEO Service Provider Don’t Agree on Link Building as a Campaign Component

In SEO, links and link building are probably the most argued-about topic by SEOs and business owners. There are way too many differing opinions and information about this subject, but there is no answer that accurately applies to all. Link building is without a doubt, an integral part of SEO campaigns. Even for small businesses, link building can have a huge impact. True, it can be challenging to get links even with the help of an expert but when you do, the links will significantly boost your rankings. If your business is already an established brand with legit authority, it’s okay not to prioritize your links. When you are a big business, it will be much easier for you to prioritize getting links because doing so will be more comfortable. This is a trap – it’s better to focus your creative juices on aspects that you have control over.

This is because links attach success to a metric we cannot control which in turn makes us use the excuse for not being accountable for success. Links also can be complicated, which makes us not try to understand everything about it.

Think about links and think about what links can do for the business or brand. It’s better to focus on building your brand instead of simply gaining links because the bigger your brand gets, the more people will talk about it. Whatever the business owner wants to pursue regarding the links, the SEO service provider should provide realistic information for him or her.

There will always be many differing opinions regarding links and link building in 2018. Both the business owner and the SEO provider should refrain from getting from the noise. Since it is ideal for small businesses to seek links to improve their ranking, they should try out some useful tactics that does not take up too much time and effort. For bigger brands, it is better to not pursue link building but instead focus on creating the best impact ever.

There are many issues and there will be much more when it comes to SEOs and the business owner’s ideas regarding SEO. This does not mean that these issues can’t be resolved: you can really deal with these issues no matter how tough they are. There are still a lot of educating SEOs will have to do towards business owners and it is the business owner’s responsibility to be as cooperative as possible.


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