Google Launches October 2022 Spam Algorithm Update

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October 2022 Google Spam Algorithm Update

The tech giant Google recently released an algorithm update targeted at combatting spam to further improve user security and search results quality and relevance. As Google confirmed, “Sites that violate our policies may rank lower in results or not appear in results at all.”

As a top-rated digital marketing firm, The Ad Firm keeps up to date with the industry’s latest developments. By being current with advancements, we can adjust our techniques accordingly to ensure we continuously offer the best online marketing services.

So, what practices violate the October 2022 Spam Algorithm Update policies? And how can you ensure your website adheres to Google’s guidelines and Terms of Service?

Since Google continues to dominate the search engine market share with over 80% of the search market share worldwide, business owners must remain up to speed with the tech giant’s policies to avoid decreasing rankings – or worse, not appearing on the results page altogether.

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The October 2022 Spam Algorithm Update

Although not considered a major or “core” update, Google’s October 2022 Spam Algorithm Update could still potentially affect websites with spammy or malicious content – whether knowingly or unknowingly.

There are cases where hackers can subtly insert malicious content into pages due to site security lapses through CSS, HTML, or even more complex changes like cloaking, making detection more difficult. Here are a few practices that violate Google’s October 2022 Spam Algorithm Update:

  • Cloaking – is the act of publishing undoubtedly unrelated content to manipulate organic rankings and mislead visitors. An example would be by showing a page about plumbing services to search engines while the actual content presented to users is about illegal narcotics.

  • Hidden Links & Texts – is the practice of strategically hiding content to manipulate search engines and conceal it from human users. Examples include using the same color for text and background or hiding text behind an image.

  • Keyword Stuffing – is the act of publishing low-quality, unnaturally phrased content with keywords to manipulate rankings. To further improve users’ search results, Google rewards high-quality, well-written, and relevant content.

As such, examples of keyword stuffing include large clumps of text listing cities the page is trying to rank for, excessively using keywords out of context and more. Essentially, this update aims to penalize spammy or poorly written content to further improve search results’ relevance and quality.

As a premier digital marketing agency, we make every effort to keep up to date with the industry’s latest developments and apply the best practices on all advertising avenues to ensure the best results.

This is why we perform monthly website security audits and keep a sharp eye on potential hacking, including sudden traffic spikes, recently created administrator accounts and more. Through prompt detection, we can offer immediate solutions and avoid potential website penalties.

Given that Google owns over 80% of the total market share worldwide, we always strategize our methods and techniques, especially according to Google’s policies, to ensure optimal results. If you’re looking for reliable, award-winning digital marketing solutions, contact The Ad Firm today!

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