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Google has just announced a major update to the Google Trends tool that will improve the way you search for keywords.

Google Trends allows you to see the latest trends, data, and visualizations on Google. Google Trends shows how often a particular search-term is entered relative to the total search-volume across various regions of the world, in various different languages.

What Exactly Has Been Updated

  • New features
  • Simpler navigation design
  • Better resurfacing editorial data-based content

New Features

A revamped Trending searches section that allows you to see what’s trending down to the minute. This way, you’re up-to-date without ever missing a beat and can be the leading force of new and exciting topics. Google has also made it easier to access its “Year In Search” data that dates back to 2001, making it easier to see how search interest has shifted over the years.

Simpler Navigation Design

Google has redesigned its navigation to make the user experience much simpler. The homepage now features a predominant search bar to query a term or topic. The abundance of suggestions underneath allow you to see what other terms or topics you may have missed that can lead to other potential areas of business. A new infographic type such as intensity map is a new feature that shows you exactly what keywords are popular in a particular region.

Better resurfacing editorial data-based content

Google’s main focus was to resurface the editorial data-based content curated by the News Lab team. What this means is that there will now be data visualization from news organizations around the world. Google is loaded with excitement as it’s calling it “one of the world’s biggest journalistic data sets”. Search from “Where American search for different health conditions to What’s the pizza capital of the US” to truly understand and pinpoint what location you need to target. The visualization of the data really breaks it down to be easier to understand.

This example shows the different percentages of interest in cannabis by different subregions in Canada.

Clearly, Google is trying to expand its reach with helping news organizations but these features are very well beneficial to anyone who is vying to gain a competitive edge in narrowing their keyword research.

Time is valuable and when techniques can be streamlined to be more efficient, run with it.


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