How Much Time You Really Need to Spend on SEO

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Some people complain because search engine optimization takes forever. You cannot expect your business or page to have a satisfying ranking overnight. Why does it take so long to see results from search engine optimization strategies? You’ve already checked different SEO companies and you did your research. You hire an SEO company to do the SEO for your business and you expect high traffic immediately, but even after a month, nothing really changed much. It’s easy to complain to your SEO manager if you don’t see results quickly. Regular marketing can provide results in just a month or two. Traditional marketing can be easier to manage considering how you can change your tactics easily when you don’t see results quickly enough. But SEO is different. You can’t see any result yet. Is there something wrong with your site? Is the person you trusted with your SEO doing it wrong? Why is it taking so long?

The answer is simple and all SEO companies will surely give you the same answer: SEO takes time. Market research, analysis and high-quality content are all necessary to make it work. You will even need a lot of content. There are links that your SEO expert need to build too. All these take a lot of time.

Google also takes its time in recognizing your website and giving it authority. There will be a lot of changes, especially in the quality of your website. Google needs to see all that before significant changes can be seen. However, that takes time too. User behavior also change, and even that takes time.

Some expectations can be unrealistic, so know the facts and discuss it with the SEO company you are working with.

Why SEO takes a long time

Most people ask why SEO takes a long time to provide results. However, not everyone is looking for the same result as everybody else. For instance, SEO companies aim to achieve good traffic and ranking.

The business owner may be more focused on getting better conversion rates than having good traffic and ranking. In the past, nailing SEO means as simple as finding the right keywords with the lowest competition. With just this one technique, the website can produce traffic efficiently. However, now things have changed. If you now aim to just be the number 1 result for certain keywords, you might be able to do that but you might not be able to reach the people who are really looking for you.

In the past, things were simpler and mechanical. However, old strategies used for SEO were only great for short-term success. As they say, easy come, easy go.

If you are a business owner and you count on a shortcut to get to the top, don’t expect to stay on that level for a long time. If you want results that would last for a long time and is more stable, it’s better to go for the prescribed strategies. However, with these strategies, it could take anywhere from four months to one year. It’s really not something business owners are willing to accept easily, because of the costs. However, Google itself says that it takes that long to see SEO results.

Variables You Need to Think About

Waiting one year for SEO results to reveal themselves may sound like forever, but there’s nothing wrong about being optimistic about it. It’s still possible that your website is one of those that can enjoy results in just four months. There are valuables that can contribute to this. These variables include relevant topics and keywords, relevant content and quality, implementation of changes, domain age, website design, how long users stay in your site, your physical location, your business’ level of competition, social activities, and trends on SEO. All of these factors play a part in the duration of time you need to wait in order to receive the results you want for your business and website.

The speed of your results can be strongly affected by several elements. The top of the list include implementing changes, budget level, competition and of course, quality.

Establishing Quality for your Business

Creating quality can take a while, and implementing things to establish quality can take some time too. In order for the changes to be useful and valid, Google also needs to acknowledge that it is indeed quality content. Proper promotion of the high-quality content must be done too. Google will check how engaged people get when they read your content. If they leave your page right away and look for other results further down the search result list, then it could be bad for you. The links also matter because Google can analyze the age and the quality of the links you have.

Even if the SEO company you sign up with releases blog posts at a rapid and frequent rate, there’s no guarantee that Google will see it as quality content unless those posts really are.

Google can give your website authority faster if your content are fashioned in a way that people’s questions actually get answered, and quickly at that.

Ensuring this will definitely take some time.

Other Factors Affecting Results

One other reason why it’s much more difficult to see results quickly these days is that your competitors are also doing SEO. In the past, it was easier to see results at a faster rate than now because a lot of companies, even huge ones didn’t give importance to it. It was much easier for smaller companies to rise up the search results ladder then than it is now.

Competition is much more intense. With each blog post you put up, your competitors also put up theirs. Is your content better than theirs? Is your content written for SEO? Will customers prefer reading your content than theirs?

This can cause a lot of delays in seeing results. Your SEO company can be doing everything properly, covering all bases efficiently, but since competitors are also doing the same, it can take much time before you can appreciate the results.


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