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LinkedIn is known to be a vital tool for B2B companies to acquire new clients, new hires, and new connections. For many, LinkedIn is simply creating a profile, filling it out, and let people find you because you’re ever so awesome to have your revered skill set. Well, that’s one way of stroking your ego, but that’s not the case. LinkedIn needs to be treated as a search engine; an accessible platform that allows users to network with other professionals to open the doors to other possibilities – both for your personal profile and also your business.

With LinkedIn having such a high domain authority, learn how to stand out from the crowd to take the reigns of the top spot for your business.

  • Step 1: Down To The Last Detail

    No matter how tedious it seems to be, fill out your entire profile, down to the last detail. Notice how we incorporated the name of the step? Nothing gets by you because you have such an attention to detail! As we say this, don’t think to fill these out with mind-numbing answers that even bores you to death writing it. Approach each one with descriptive, engaging, and creative answers that will intrigue the reader. Be sure to make your content readable and easy to navigate so as to not lose your reader at any point.

  • Step 2: Keywords, Keywords, Keywords

    Keep the same mindset you have when using keywords to optimize your website when thinking about LinkedIn. Be mindful of the keywords you choose and be sure not to overdo it. Then concept is the same as writing this blog; when you’re overly stuffing keywords in your content that completely stumps and overwhelms the reader, it becomes obvious what you actual goal is. Yes, getting people to find you is the first step, but what is it really that’s going to make them convert, make them contact you, or at the very least, read your post. The content needs to be engaging, thought-provoking, and it needs to serve a purpose.

    Amplify your keywords in the summary section. This is the first section that people look at and will read the most before ever deciding to continue. Be sure to spend significant time in making this section the best of them all. Think of it as LinkedIn’s elevator pitch section with a little more room to maneuver. Come in strong but don’t smother.

    Keep this in mind – as much as you want to gloat and tell people all the things that you can do, instead put more of the focus on how the things you can do will help them. People want to know how is it that you can help them, what is it that you bring to the table that is of value to them. People want something from you and they need to be sure that you have what they want.

  • Step 3: Update your URL

    Take a quick second to update your URL to something that is easy to recognize and is clearly about you or your business. If you have something that pretty common then you may need to access your creative side but be sure to keep it professional and clear.

  • Step 4: Network

    LinkedIn should be utilized to its full potential. We say this literally. Utilize LinkedIn by networking with other professionals with similar connections and groups. This is the primary base of LinkedIn’s search algorithm. We encourage you to connect with more people and become acquainted with those new connections.

    This idea works very similar as to how link building works with SEO. Of course, just like in SEO, be wary of bad links that can cause you to drop instead of rise. This is the same concept with LinkedIn, so as to not go on a follow spree. Network accordingly and be mindful of the connections you make.

  • Step 5: Interact With Those That Engage

    Writing engaging is only the beginning. Interacting with those that engage with your content is absolutely necessary as well. This does not increase your chances of being found but it does put your name in the minds of those you want to be looking for you. Word of mouth is still one of the most powerful tools to market and being proactive can increase potential leads. Take this proactive approach to take it a step further and endorse other professionals you trust. Trust and confidence should be put in specific endorsements because, as we stated earlier, this is also your reputation being thrown in the mix. People look at connections just as much as they look as a professional’s profile.

  • Step 6: Publish Great Content on LinkedIn

    Become the guru of your industry. Show that you’re the master craftsman in your industry by publishing amazing content to boost your authority and ramp up your rankings. Enhance your personal brand over time by sharing your knowledge to the world. Writing optimized content for LinkedIn can lead to many more opportunities for those interested.


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