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Attaining a client from your competitors. Check. Create a great marketing strategy. Check. Helping the client achieve their goals. Check. Creating the best client experience. Hmmm. Can’t check that one off just yet.

What can you do to improve your client’s experience with you?

Become organized to the point where there’s is nothing being sent without knowing exactly where and what time it’s being sent.


Well, just as you want to be open and communicative with your client, if you’re constant sending your client wrong information or wrong details, the communication between the both of you can go south very fast.

For example, sending out newsletter, sales emails, or even invoices; become organized and make sure you’re sending these to the right client’s, or better yet, the right leads. Diving in the newsletter a bit more – if a client is signed up for a newsletter, they shouldn’t be seeing popups encouraging them to sign up. Clean up your automation system and your segmented list to avoid these small mistakes that can eventually annoy a client.

Not only does it make you seem unorganized, it makes you look very unprofessional. Also, be vigilant if other members of the same company that are your clients are signing up for your services as well. The details in the automation program you’re using are critical to know that they’re under the same domain.

What Can You Do?

The best advice we can give is to create your own fake persona that is going through the process of becoming your new client. Right at the point of signature, take the time and give your fake persona each step you give your actual clients to test your post-sales approach and experience.

Through every step of the process, note everything that goes on. Do you find yourself being of great service to your client, or does it seem annoying? Truly pay attention to the details and note if you’re client is getting closer to the goals they are trying to achieve than when they first began with you.

We ultimately want to take the “before” client, who didn’t have your services, and turn them into a better “after” client for when they see their progress benefiting them and their business.

Give Them Proper Content. As we’ve stated in the past, all content is not the same and not everyone wants or needs the same content as others.

The times right now are always pushing for new, fresh content all the time. We’ve all heard the saying, “The more new content you put out, the better”, but this doesn’t ring true all the time. In fact, it can be harmful towards the goal you’re trying to achieve.

Different clients have different problems and perhaps there is certain old content that can be useful to them. In this case, new content wouldn’t be much use to them because old content you have can do a better job. All it needs is a quick update. Update that old content to be relevant today.

We’re adding a personal touch to an industry that seems to have a lack thereof. Take our industry as an example of losing touch of a great client experience.

Have you dealt with an SEO agency or a PPC agency who are great at what they do, they’re working hard to help you achieve your goals, but there’s a lack of personal connection between agency and client. Great communication is one of the main obstacles that an agency/client relationship goes through.

Something as little as feedback and implementing the feedback from the client can go a long way. Rather, the focus is on doing what we do best and disregarding the input of a client. A lot of We’re adding a personal touch to an industry that seems to have a lack thereof. Take our industry as an example of losing touch of a great client experience.thought should go into knowing your client’s well and knowing what is it they need and are looking to gain out of the relationship.

To improve the client experience means to improve the experience within ourselves first. We can’t stress enough to test your own methods and your own process on yourself while putting yourself in your client’s shoes. The main goal is to take your clients from a state of “before” to a state of “after”, where satisfaction and a great experience from your services enables them to be happy and better yet, become an advocate for your company.


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