The Ad Firm Recognized in UpCity’s 2024 Excellence Awards

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CARLSBAD, California — The Ad Firm is honored by UpCity in their 2024 Excellence Awards, adding to other accolades they’ve received from the marketplace.

UpCity’s Excellence Awards annually celebrates outstanding B2B service providers that demonstrate the highest brand integrity and performance. For providers looking to connect with clients who need their services, these awards are an effective medium for building brand credibility and improving customer confidence in their services.

This year, San Diego-based digital marketing agency The Ad Firm is once again a recipient of the award, adding onto other recognitions like the Local Excellence Award in California (2023) and Local Excellence Award in San Diego (2023).

As a consistent winner of UpCity’s National Excellence Awards since 2022, we demonstrate steady consistency in upholding excellence with our services and practices. Learn more about our services and UpCity’s awarding process here.

Pushing for Excellence in Client Services

In today’s digital landscape, you often hear of agencies boasting about how data-driven and scientific their approaches are. They speak in technical language to communicate “we know what we’re talking about” and that they have a structure and method to achieving goals.

But while skills and knowledge speak volumes about credibility, it only paints half of the picture of trustworthiness. For that, you’ll have to look at the values and ethics that support the expertise.

That is something we ensure we uphold at The Ad Firm. Hence, when defining “excellence” in digital marketing, we bank on more than just an award-winning track record or decade-long presence in the industry. For us, expertise tempered and balanced with value for quality, reliability, and transparency drive all our digital marketing services.

To earn trust, it’s not enough to say the job is done well and achieves the goal. Trust, for us, is earned through transparency and how clients are treated, above all. When you achieve a good rating and raving review, that is when you know the job done was splendid, and UpCity’s National Excellence Award continually validates that.

What Does UpCity’s National Excellence Award Entail?

Digital marketing awards are benchmarks of agency capabilities, with most emphasizing the tangible outcomes achieved for clients. It’s rare for awards to look deeper, factoring in the credibility of agencies alongside their results. This dual focus provides a more rounded view of an agency’s true value to its clients.

review summary and profile page of the ad firm on upcity showing ratings, price points, and most reviewed services

This is how UpCity sets its excellence awards apart. Promising to connect businesses with credible B2B service providers, their recommendations and awards operate on a model of trust and transparency. To achieve this, the marketplace uses its proprietary methodology called the Recommendability Rating to grade and rank the businesses listed on their site.

It uses two main factors for coming up with their recommendations, namely:

  • UpCity Profile Completion: All 40 data points on each provider must be complete. These cover services offered, target markets, price points, and more. Detailed profiles ensure that interested customers are fully informed about who they’re working with.
  • UpCity Reviews: These provide an in-depth view of how a service provider’s customers feel about them and their services. They are a key component to the likelihood that UpCity recommends a provider to businesses seeking services. Both quantity and quality of reviews are considered.

Combined, these factors help businesses identify service providers that provide reliable, high quality service to their clients. From the agency perspective, it helps bolster credibility not just from a performance standpoint, but a client servicing front as well.

Final Thoughts

The number of awards a digital marketing agency earns serves as strong evidence of their capabilities and client satisfaction. With that, logic dictates that the more awards an agency has under their belt, the better they are at achieving results for clients. However, without context into how well an agency deals with clients, numerical results end up mattering little if an agency ends up being unreliable and untrustworthy.

Having won UpCity’s transparency-based National Excellence Awards for another year, we prove yet again that our clients can expect the best of both. With our track record for results in digital marketing and a high Recommendability Rating from UpCity, you can rest assured that The Ad Firms is a team you can trust.

If you’re interested in learning more about how The Ad Firm delivers results and excellent customer service, feel free to contact us. We’d be happy to show you how we get stellar results and reviews.


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