The Impact of Your Company’s Size On Your SEO Strategies

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Have you ever wondered if there is a connection between the size of your shop and the SEO strategies you should be using? Do you have to adjust the type of SEO tactics you should apply on your site depending on the size of your company? These are the questions that we are going to address with this article.

Maybe your business is a small shop that has been handed down through a couple of generations. Maybe your business is a fast-growing company. Whichever of the two applies to you, you still could be feeling uncertain with regards to the type of SEO strategies you need to pursue. If you are confused, don’t blame yourself. When anyone without prior SEO background reads about SEO, they’re bound to be confused as well, considering how experts have conflicting opinions all the time. As a business owner, a lot is at stake for you, because you will have to decide how much you should invest in your SEO marketing strategies. Everybody wants a full SEO campaign, but as a business owner, you will surely worry about the cost.

Unfortunately, there is no universal solution when it comes to SEO. Every business or company, regardless of size must first set their own unique business goals and objectives. Using those, you can start looking for the right marketing opportunity and strategy that fits your objectives and your budget. Regarding that, you should also look for strategies that fit your company size.

Does Company Size Really Affect SEO Strategies?

does-company-size-really-affect-seo-strategiesThe common reason why companies of different sizes utilize different SEO strategies is because of the budget. Larger companies can shell out a huge amount as an investment in SEO marketing while a small store might not be able to afford a full SEO campaign. Whatever your strategies are, the ultimate goal for all remains the same: traffic, ranking, and conversion.

While it is true that your company’s size usually has a huge impact on the type SEO strategy you can implement, it would still be a very bad idea not to pursue any type of internet marketing. You may not be able to afford an SEO campaign meant for a huge company, but even so, you should have at least a simple SEO campaign for your business.

For Small Businesses

for-small-businessesThis type of businesses includes start-up ones, mom and pop stores other local businesses. These businesses often work with small budgets. If your business is like one of these, you may be having a hard time imagining your business making a dent in the search engine rankings.

Most of these companies, especially startup ones must do their own SEO due to budget constraints and it will take up much of the time they’re supposed to use for other aspects of the business.

To avoid difficulties with their online marketing strategy, it is likely that smaller business will take on just one or two strategies and focus on that. That is actually a great move!

There are usually two types of businesses, one with a physical address and one without. For those small businesses with a physical store, investing in local SEO would be a great idea. After all, the goal for these businesses is to get local people coming to the physical store, so for their SEO strategy, they should focus on Google Business Profile listings and other local business listings

For small businesses without a physical store, they should focus more on implementing Adwords, social media marketing, link building and making sure their content is on point.

For Medium Companies

for-medium-companiesEven medium-sized companies can still struggle with the budget issue when it comes to SEO implementation. However, most medium companies need a bigger website to cater to a bigger audience, hence, they will need SEO implementation more than the local mom and pop store.

If you own a medium-sized company, it is best to start with a comprehensive SEO audit so you know where you can start. Social Marketing will play a big role in your overall SEO tactics and you should have an internet marketing expert manage your content, social media messaging and the implementation of various SEO strategies.

For Large Companies

for-large-companiesLarge companies usually have the most freedom when it comes to SEO campaigns because budget is not an issue, unlike how it is with small to mid-sized companies. Large businesses should pay attention to content marketing and technical SEO the most. They should also promote their content on social media.

Larger companies should also be more careful with their online reputation. The scale of audience you are aiming for is huge when you’re a huge business, which means more reasons to be more diligent in upholding the brand online. In order to do so, monitoring the content your business is releasing and what people are saying in your pages, listings and social media platforms is a priority to protect your brand’s reputation

If you’re the owner of a huge business, it is likely that you will opt to hire various internet marketing agencies to carry out the SEO campaigns for your business. This is a great option especially when your company has a marketing team that is only well-versed in traditional marketing methods. Outsourcing is definitely a good option to add online marketing to your business strategy

How to Find the Right Strategy For Your Business Size

While the type of strategy you can implement for your business somewhat depends on the size of your business, the size of your company and your budget does not really matter much when it comes to SEO strategies. Even with a small company and an even smaller budget, there will always be various internet marketing strategies that you can apply to your website. It doesn’t have to be expensive. What is really important is to find the right strategy that fits your type of business and the type of customers you are trying to attract.

Your customers are waiting for you online. Don’t let your budget keep you from connecting with your customers online. You may think that SEO is expensive, but actually, not having an SEO strategy implemented for your business will cost you more.


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