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Most of the SEO agencies would make it a point to evaluate your website thoroughly when you sign up for their services. Getting a content audit done on your website is more important than you think. It’s just as important as an SEO audit that focuses on the technical side of your website. The most useful benefit of content auditing is it can refocus your priorities and improve your strategies after the results of the audit come out. It is nearly impossible to come up with an effective strategy when you don’t do an audit because how are you supposed to think of a way to improve and develop stuff when you don’t know the state of what you currently have? You won’t be aware of how good or bad your current content is, or what content you should add or which ones you out to remove. After all, no matter how careful you’ve been, your content could still be lacking or outdated. Below are the mistakes you are likely to notice when you do a content audit on your site.

An Absent or Unclear Call-to-Action


If you have an SEO expert employed, you can expect that he or she will focus on creating a clear call-to-action for your site. This is very important because you want your visitor to understand what your website is about once they land on your website’s landing page. Otherwise, your site visitors will just stay for an extremely short time on your site, confused for a second, before leaving your site. Guess what it’ll do to your stats! What you want is a clear call-to-action, which will direct your site visitors to what you want them to do next. You can add more buttons to direct your site visitors to what you want them to do next! You don’t want to lose visitors and potential conversion just because your calls-to-action have been unclear.

Not Enough Content Throughout The Customer Experience

A content audit is focused on the content on the pages of your website, so it will be apparent if you do not have enough content on some pages and too much content on others. In building the content of your website, you will need not only content focused on making customers buy your products and services, but also content to raise awareness of the product and to increase chances of retention. Some of these stages in the customer experienced are overlooked when site owners gather content for the website. It is important to make sure that there is relevant content for each phase of the customer experience. Pay special attention to content aimed to drive retention. Remember that it would take fewer resources to upsell and cross-sell than conduct a campaign to bring in new customers.

Not Enough Utilization of Testimonials

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You might be unaware of it, but there are a lot of testimonial pages on the web. Not many people utilize these testimonials because these days, the trend is focused a lot on reviews. However, you cannot completely disregard the value of testimonials. You may choose not to invest time and effort on the testimonials found on the testimonial pages, but you can use it on your website. You can copy these testimonials into the appropriate pages. For instance, if the testimonial is about the customer’s satisfaction on the quick delivery, it should go to your shipping page. If the testimonial is about how great the product is, you should grab the chance to put in on the product pages!

You can also utilize these testimonials in improving the relevance of your business on local searches. This is especially useful if your business is servicing many different cities. You can use the testimonials including the areas where the customer hails from. When you include such testimonials on your pages, you can build more trust on the local search aspect of your SEO and marketing.

Failure To Make Content Locally Relevant

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Local search is very important too. It would be such a mistake on your part if you fail to make your content locally relevant. You could have a lot of competition, similar products or similar content. How can you rise above thousands of competitors? The best way to excel among the crowd is to make content that is appealing to the local communities. If you succeed in making your content relevant on a local scale, you can also establish relevance as a brand locally. This is a chance to gain loyal customers. Once you do, they would always prioritize you as the service or product provider, since you are closer in terms of proximity.

Hiding Pricing Information

In previous blog posts, we have mentioned this a couple of times. Some business owners do not want to reveal their pricing to the customers under the misconception that the pricing would put off the customers. These days, with the amount of information available on the web, people expect to get the information they want to know. They’d rather browse on mobile at any time of the day (or night) than call you up during your operating hours. When customers do not have ready access to your pricing, they are even likely to choose your competitor’s products over yours, even if your products are cheaper! After all, they’re unaware of how much it costs, and not many people these days enjoy making an effort just to know the prices when they can readily find it somewhere else. Providing your customers with pricing information is crucial because it also builds trust between them and your brand.

Content auditing may not sound like it’s such a big deal, but it can reveal many different issues on your website that you were never aware of. If you’ve never done any content auditing for your website in the past, it’s time to arrange it with your SEO service provider. You might be surprised with mistakes and issues that it can reveal. It can also make a world of difference for your business!


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