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There are a lot of business owners who want to use content strategies so that their site can rank for more keywords. The problem usually is that they think that they don’t have enough time and resources to create a blog. Usually, when the budget is limited, most people would prioritize paid ads because they can see how much revenue they are getting every month. They can also see which ads work and which ones don’t. When it comes to SEO however, you should really consider developing a blog. While paid ads can get you quick results, a blog is a long-term investment, and you should treat it as such. When it comes to financial investment, you know that it is ideal to start saving as early as possible. The same thing is true for blogging. Investing in a blog right now will give you continuous benefits in the years to come.

Why You Should Have a Blog

If the statements above have not convinced you yet to start a blog, we’re going to provide you with more reasons to convince you. Whatever your website is focused on, there is a finite keyword set that set limitations on the content that you should post. This is because you need to provide only the most relevant content to users at any given time. For instance, you would not want to post an article about how to clean fish when your website is all about fashion.

What you need to post, ideally, is expert-level knowledge about the subject of your website. Google will approve when you do this because it will pass their quality standards. If you want to dominate the SERPs and if your goal is to outrank your competition, you need to do more than that. You need to expand your content in terms of breadth and depth.

Having a blog will help you gain your own space in the SERP. Why would you want that? Well, if you have real estate in the SERP, it would provide more opportunities for your blog to be discovered by your target audience. If you want to expand your content, you will also need to expand your keywords set, preferably by using Google’s Keyword Tool and by utilizing keyword mapping strategies. Planning your keywords and their respective blog posts would be a plus because this can help you prevent overlapping keywords and confusion with your URLs.

SEO and the Conversion Funnel

When your site appears frequently in the search engine result pages, your click-through rate will experience a surge. However, if you want to increase your conversion on top of that, the key lies in understanding the role of SEO. SEO plays a big role when it comes to conversion.

When a consumer starts to enter the funnel, they don’t even know that they have started the process of buying. They usually enter the conversion funnel by searching more information about the product or service they are interested in. Sometimes, this happens when they compare different products and services of several brands or when looking for helpful answers for a problem they want to solve. At this point, they will realize that they need to buy something.

The secret in nailing this point is to educate the consumers and assist them the best you can while they are vulnerable. You can do this by utilizing SEO and your blog content.

Expanding Your Content

When you create content, you should focus on what the consumers are searching for before they realize that they need your product. Consumers make these searches out of curiosity or for research purposes for a future purchase. If you have a blog, you can create educational blog posts about the things customers search for. As a result, they will keep your brand in mind – which would eventually cause them to have you as their first choice when it’s time to make a purchase.

It does not always mean that your educational content must always be all about your brand. It will also be helpful if you create content about semi-related topics. Doing so will help in expanding your keyword relevance. While you are brainstorming, it is important to study the blogs of your competitors to see what type of topics they cover. You can also check out their backlinks to see if they have the help of high authority sites. You can also try to contact these high-authority sites along with similar ones to find backlink opportunities.

Featured Snippets

When you have a blog, you can also increase your chances of getting your content on featured snippets and quick answers. The reason why you would want your content in featured snippets is that even if your page does not hold the number one rank on the search engine result pages, your content can still be displayed on top of the highest-ranking pages.

Basically, content creation, such as in the case of blogs, is essential if you want to improve your brand presence. It presents other benefits as well. When you have a blog, you would make an effort to keep fresh content flowing, which results to Google regularly crawling and indexing your site, leading you to have better ranking in the search result pages. In addition, for those with sites that do not have a lot of content due to aesthetic reasons, you can compensate in terms of quality content when you have a blog.

Of course, it can be quite tough to commit to a blog because you will really have to dedicate a lot of time in order to come up with high-quality content once or twice a week. There are many methods you can use to achieve this though, and once you do, you will start seeing an increase in visitors and return visitors for sure. If you really can’t manage to start a blog, the least you can do is add many informational landing pages in the meantime.

Your ultimate goal for your blog is to obtain organic backlinks, in the long run, to increase the authority of your domain and drive traffic to your site.


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