How To Revitalize Your Digital Marketing When Your Performance is Stuck

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It’s not uncommon to reach a performance plateau sometime when you are implementing your digital marketing strategies. That’s surely bad news, but there’s good news too. There are ways you can boost your marketing efforts when your performance is stuck. One fortunate thing about digital marketing is that whenever you implement a strategy, you can quickly see its results. We can definitely call it instant gratification, considering how we can see real-time data and attribute success to our efforts accurately. However, despite this, we can end up in a rut in terms of performance. What can you do when it happens? There are actually some effective strategies that you must try whenever you are stuck to get back on track.

  1. Do not undermine how important UX testing isEven if it results in just a small boost in your conversion rate, it will yield unbelievable results for your program. It has the potential to boost your top line revenue and impact your bottom line results at the same time. There are many marketing experts who would tell you that improving your UX (user experience) will work like magic since even minimal results lead to a huge impact on revenue. The problem is that it’s easy to tell everyone to do UX testing and focus on the consumers but difficult to implement. Difficult, but definitely not impossible. You can check out the tips below on how to make the most out of your UX optimization.
    1. You need new eyes. You can probably get a new team member or a consultant and even an agency to gain a new perspective. When you have a new perspective, you can identify opportunities and think of appropriate tests. Existing team members can easily be blinded because they are attached to their work. As a member of the team, you won’t find it easy to see what’s wrong with the current strategy you have and it is more difficult to think up of new ways to test your UX. You and other team members can also be biased because of past strategies and results. In the same way, it is more challenging for you to try to view things from the perspective of a customer. A new team member or a consultant or and other people outside of your team will have a new perspective that will help you come up with fresh ideas for success.
    2. Make sure you have the right resources for managing your UX. UX strategies demand a unique set of skills. You should have someone who can think in a very analytical manner and at the same time a creative problem-solver. The manager should also be scientific when it comes to testing and definitely not biased. It’s not easy to find all of these in one person, but you should take time to look for the right person to manage your UX testing.
    3. Make sure that everything matches. Everything is automated now especially in the world of digital marketing. It sure does make life easier and ensures that processes will be carried out seamlessly. When it comes to UX, you should remember that the experience of the customer starts from before they click on a link to your site. Therefore the UX starts in the ads that your potential customers see, the sites where these ads are and your social media presence. All of these will contribute to the experience of your potential customers and would also impact whether or not they will convert once on your site. To ensure a satisfying experience for the users you need to pay attention to all the factors mentioned above so that everything will match.
  2. Reconsider Past Strategies

The market constantly evolves along with consumer behavior. At the same time, digital marketing technology continuously develops. If you have a strategy that worked well in the past, it might not work well now. In the same way, strategies that failed to work in the past might work now. Here’s what you can do to reconsider past strategies in the best way possible:

  1. Check out past failed campaigns. You just never know – maybe failed campaigns in the past will be profitable this time. Audience targeting can now be improved drastically so it’s worth giving some thought. The bid strategies and ad rotations are also continuously improving, which means that there can be a significant impact on search campaigns if you were to try it now.
  2. Reconsider attribution. These days, most digital marketers still use last-click basis approach because it is easy to measure and understand. However, it also emphasizes or understating channels which makes it somewhat inaccurate. Re-assess your data using Google Analytics reporting and Adwords Attribution. You should also evaluate the impact of your Assisted Conversion and compare different performances of different attribution modeling types.
  3. Think about offline conversions. Offline conversions are also worth considering since not all conversions are made online. If your conversions mostly happen online, you are missing out on the other benefits of your program. In order to make the most of your ad optimization features, you should bring in offline conversions.

3. Remember That Marketing Does Not End At the Sale

You should continue doing some marketing after the same. You must focus on retaining your customer, not just making an individual sale. If you continue your marketing efforts after the sale, you are opening more opportunities for profit. Your marketing can extend to many different platforms and channels. One of these is social media. Social media platforms provide customer service, communication, and interaction. You can connect easily with your customers and it will help you reinforce your brand.

Your performance can reach a plateau from time to time even if you are the best digital marketer ever born. You need to realize that this is normal and that you can do something to make it stop. You can basically get out of that rut by being creative, rethinking your marketing campaigns and improving previous strategies.


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