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Is Your Google My Business listing Optimized?

Google was found testing new features for its Google My Business (GMB) listings. This follows an on-going development where Google is continually aggregating third-party website data into local search results. Google no longer thinks of your business as a listing, but rather an entity. And GMB constructs your business entity by aggregating online information about your company.

A GMB listing allows users to call you directly, add addresses to Google/Apple Maps, scheduled appointments, get answers to FAQs and more – essentially what customers could do on your website. As Search Engine Results Page (SERP) features increase in ‘intelligence’, your interaction with customers on pre-site bases becomes greater.

In 2018, GMB added the SERP feature Google Posts. Google Posts are shown on a business’ Knowledge Panel, but a recent test shows Google has begun changing the dynamics and will possibly be adding a ‘Related to Your Search’ feature – sending Google Posts onto a tab for mobile and down the page for desktop users.

Google Posts are similar to social post content, but they live on your GMB listing. They display prominently, especially on mobile search results. If optimized and set up correctly they can help your business get noticed.

The tests show three semantically relevant ‘Related to Your Search’ Google Posts will be featured. Google can pull information from ‘what’s new’ posts, ‘product’ posts, ‘event’ posts and ‘offer’ posts – meaning opportunities for profound customer engagement will significantly increase. Keeping your GMB listing, the primary place where your business’ information will be accessed by Google users, updated and optimized will be critical.

Optimizing your GMB listing will help you stand out and outperform your competitors.

If Google publishes this ‘Related to your search’ feature, GMB Posts will provide a richer experience for online customers. A chance to engage before a customers clicks through to your site. GMB posts will become mini-advertisements.

In conclusion, a Google Posts strategy is becoming more crucial. Google will continue to aggregate information on its own terms – building your business entity and serving relevant data to users. A robust, well-optimized profile will rank high on Google’s index and engage customers as Google continues to develop and launch new SERP features.

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