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Your online presence needs to have ‘skin in the game.’ This means getting search engines, like Google, to recognize the answers and solutions you have for patients.

OB/GYN SEO brings lasting results that increase over-time, even when costs are fixed. A website can’t succeed just in content or design — it needs an appealing layout that feeds into your patient’s search behavior. A website communicates to your target audience what you specialize in, why you do it, and who benefits from your services.

The Power of OB/GYN SEO

OB/GYN SEO starts with your website. Your patients are avid researchers. Our SEO-friendly web design is based on getting you ranked locally, providing content that engages customers, and landing pages that bring sales — learn more about OB/GYN SEO here.

7 Principles That Lead To A High-Converting Website

Here are 7 principles of high-converting websites. These help ensure your site not only offers the content-rich element but also drives conversions.

  1. Have An SEO Plan

It is about answering the right questions in the right order. Design your healthcare website for the next step — not the final step.

What pages are patients viewing? What content are patients reading? What offers convert them? Understanding these aspects creates an SEO-friendly OB/GYN website that converts search engine users — bringing more patients.

Ensure your OB/GYN website is effectively meeting your visitors’ needs — map out their journey from first visiting your site to the moment they become a patient.

  1. Use Strong Calls-to-Actions (CTA)

Your website needs to provide direction. Once visitors get to your website, do they know the next step? Will they know what pages to view, or what actions?

CTAs are one of the main ways to provide the next step. Don’t spam your website with one-step CTAs that lead nowhere. Do most pages only one CTA for a trial or an appointment? If yes, it’s time to update.

  1. Focus on Navigation

Navigation is the site map — it displays the core pages. A website with confusing navigation can immediately frustrate any online visitor. When improving your website’s navigation, make sure your visitors quickly find what they need.

Some characteristics of a good navigation bar include streamlined content, mobile-friendly design, and navigation hierarchy, so your user experience doesn’t drastically change on a smartphone or other mobile devices.

  1. Include White Space

White space, also called “negative space,” is a design element that helps you increase readability and break up the web page. White space should be around items on a web page that are empty and lack graphics or content.

  1. Optimize for Mobile Devices

On a mobile device, how will your website look? Will your visitor need to zoom in and out to browse your site? If yes, then your website needs mobile optimization. It’s a necessity to make your website responsive and mobile-friendly to fit the needs and wants of your target audience.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimizing your web pages is vital to demonstrate you have the medical expertise being searched for. As previously mentioned, your website has no ‘skin in the game’ unless search engines recognize your answers for your patients. Learn more about local SEO here.

  1. Fix 404 Errors

Depending on your OB/GYN website, you may have a few pages or links that are not working. Evaluate whether your site has broken pages or links. You should fix all 404 errors and broken links, as they hamper user experience and increase bounce rates.

The Biggest Benefits of Having a High Converting Website

Having a high converting website allows you to understand your customers better, in the online retail world nothing is as important as knowing who your customer is. Knowing who they are and what they want helps you anticipate their online needs. This also gets you more customers which is always a plus! When you are focusing time and energy on optimizing your online presence you tend to understand your customer better which leads to an overall improved shopping experience. This increases your website profits- unlike advertising efforts, a high converting website provides tangible profits that go straight back to you and your business and not to advertisers. Arguably one of the biggest benefits of a high converting website is that it leverages your current website traffic by working with the current traffic you are already getting to your online store; high converting websites focus on converting the visits you get and not driving more traffic. When you are actively optimizing for your website your online presence is going to have an edge over your competition; sometimes it is the small things that win over customers like website speed and overall website efficiency. Additionally, Google will love your webstore if it is a high converting website. This will trigger Google to send traffic to your online store, Google loves to provide searchers with the most relevant results to their search queries, if you can truly deliver what your searchers are looking for this will be a great sign to Google. Having a high converting website pays its dividends, while most online marketing efforts for online retailers are centered around getting someone to visit a page, purchase an item or click on a link, focusing your efforts on making sure your website is optimized gives you the ability to funnel your site visitors psychologically and physically toward making that purchase! If this is done correctly, it will make all of your marketing efforts more effective and in turn keep your customers coming back.

Top 5 Tips for Making Sure Your Content is Optimized for Your Medical Website

Your medical website speaks volumes about your practice; making sure you optimized your site to be a search engine friendly website is extremely important. These are the top 5 tips we recommend to ensure you have a SEO friendly medical website. 

  1. Make sure the focus of your website is the user experience: people are more and more going online to take care of all of their health needs. Making sure your website is easily searchable will make a huge difference.
  2. Make sure you identify your brand messaging: choosing a new healthcare provider can be daunting, especially when there are so many options. Don’t leave any room for interpretation, your medical website should clearly convey the services you and your office offer.
  3. Make sure your vision is communicated to your website designer: prioritizing the quality of your SEO friendly website design will directly impact new patients’ perception of your practice. Additionally, the more professional your site looks the more likely your site will be seen as trustworthy.
  4. Make sure your SEO friendly medical website design is optimized for mobile: each year more and more people are turning to their mobile devices to help manage their health. Google also adheres to a mobile- first indexing, if your content isn’t optimized for mobile this will more than likely have a negative impact on your website’s ranking.
  5. Make sure you are sharing content that adds value: your search engine friendly website should be all encompassing. You should be sharing content that introduces potential patients to your practice but also adding features like patient reviews and blogs can serve both new and long-time patients. Sharing topics regularly that are important to your patient base will give them much needed answers and boost your sites trustworthiness.


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SEO is speedily growing in importance as Google — among other tech giants — continues to bring sophistication to search engines. The Ad Firm builds proper web sites that put you on the 1st search engine page. Contact us today, and we’ll make your website SEO-friendly!


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