Be Magnified Online with Local SEO

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Be Magnified Online with Local SEO

A Local SEO company should be able to show you results.

Trying to create a Local SEO strategy without data is like trying to build a sandcastle while blindfolded. We love walking clients through our know-how and Local SEO data expertise. We want to answer all your questions. If they are not answered throughout the blog below give us a call.

We’re like the Sherlocks Holmes of SEO. Local SEO is our jam.

A small or big brand with a few, or thousands, of locations can have difficulty in ensuring their favorite online sources are accurately showcasing their local information. Our team of experts focus on the technical basics as well as the hyper-localized research that’ll get your business the right attention. This research allows your business to enter into new online markets.

SEO has become more and more of a heavily statistically based science – algorithms, etc. Google’s prowess being a big factor. Thus, all SEO companies are able to show their work. Viewership scores have become pretty complex, but also easily made into statistics and metrics that we can communicate clearly to our clients.

Near me searches have become a critical issue in Local SEO.

Most of search engine pages are being heavily driven by mobile searches. If you’re not already optimizing for mobile-friendly searches, you need to start immediately.

Google gets a lot of their data for “near me” rankings from links. For example, having a higher raw count of backlinks with your business’ city/state in the anchor text correlates very highly with better rankings.

Customer reviews also correlate with near me searches. We have found that pretty consistently our clients rank higher on near me searches when their business also has many Google Business Profile reviews. In fact, other 3rd party reviews don’t have as much of an effect as having Google Business Profile reviews for your local business.

Gain that muscle that leads to results.

  • SEO Keywords are the muscle to your online presence.
    For example, a private security service company employed us to improve their keyword rankings on Google’s search pages. Specifically, they wanted to rank for industry-specific keywords in their local area of Sacramento.
    Our first step was to do our statistical keyword research to find out what keywords are relevant with their niche services and if there’s a high search volume for it in Sacramento.

Ranking for broad keywords is like the unskilled buckshot approach.

  • It spreads your resources wide and without aim in anticipation of hitting the target.
    Ranking for broad keywords is a strategy that tends to backfire. It is the opposite of aiming for quality leads with precision. Keyword research is important. The more specific keywords relating to the services you offer the more quality customers with problems you can solve will come to your pages. We can break through this crowded and cluttered internet for you.

Leading many generic searches to your website will create a high bounce rate.

  • Not every customer is the same. Our teams aims for the customers who are the right fit for your business.
    Say you’re a motorcycle mechanic that specializes in Harley Davidson – by ranking for “motorcycle repair” motorcycle owners of all kinds will be lead to your website. Many people will be visiting your site, but many will also leave after they find out you can’t fix their Yamaha. That’s called a bounce. A high bounce rate will negatively affect your website’s rankings.

Our first step is a SEO audit.

Our well-versed web developers can scan your entire website to find any faults, flaws, or any defects that are currently affecting the site. Other SEO agencies might jump right into optimization – this is one of those buckshot approaches. We love coming at you with a fine-toothed research comb one hand and a big hammer of proven SEO tactics in the other.

After all, it takes months for organic SEO to have long-lasting impact. A quick rise in website rankings will not last.

A Sacramento-based private security services company wanted to improve their keyword rankings. They came to use with their goal of wanting to acquire more customers. After our SEO audit we found their website lacked optimized content and any industry-specific keywords. Our team focused on bolstering their landing pages with relevant keywords. We got them on Google’s first search pages with over 50 relevant keywords. Our client saw dramatic improvements to their Google Local page rankings in Sacramento.

At The Ad Firm we strive for the best results not ‘busy work.’

As we’ve stated before we want to match your goals and not provide a one-size-fits-all facade of working hard for you by providing a strategy that’ll seem to get you what you want while we move on to the next client. We aim to have a long-lasting meaningful relationship with you.

The nuts and bolts of a good Local SEO strategy.

Our Local SEO strategy is based on getting your ranked locally, providing content that engages customers, and landing pages that bring sales. Making sure Google Local can find you is critical – which takes some technical expertise. From Sacramento to Los Angeles, we’ve been able to help many businesses with their Local SEO strategy. Check out our Yelp reviews!

Providing such dramatic results for our Local SEO clients makes us as happy as them. Ranking our clients at the first or second spot of their customer’s searches is consistently what we aim for. Our Sacramento client came out on top of Google search pages when users searched for their keywords locally. We built a strong local web presence using their Sacramento office as the focal point of search for prospects. As for content, we built fresh new content to continue to engage customers and to show Google that it’s an active business. Look at the Ad Firm’s case studies – the metrics are clear. Our services have helped many small and larger companies grow significantly.

We are successful when you are successful.


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