Our OB/GYN SEO Delivers – Ready for More Patients?

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Our OB/GYN SEO Delivers - Ready for More Patients?

Patients are avid researchers. Over the past ten years, search engine technology has continually been transforming the Internet. However, search engines are often merely keeping up with the questions, recommendations, and help people look for online. This consumer behavior — typically referred to as search behavior — has become measurable and transparent. We now can take action for industries looking to engage with patients online — a powerful tool.

Today, patients anticipate high levels of service from their local medical providers, just like they do in any other industry. Search engine optimization (SEO) revolves around the tracking and research of search behavior found on Google, among other popular search engines. Medical SEO lives of off patients being avid researchers.

Every month, there are between 30.3 and 70.8 thousand searches for the phrase “OB/GYN near me.”

Also, annually, over 4.4 Million Google searches occur for a “gynecologist” and over 726,000 searches for “OB GYN.” As service providers across different industries use the Internet to engage with people online, this type of communication has become the norm. Many people look up specific health issues that your practice can address online. If you are not active online, it can give the impression that your medical practice lacks expertise in addressing the average patient’s medical needs.

In 2018, 72% of Internet users said they looked for health information online.

If you provide online users with the information they’re looking for, there’s a higher chance they’ll feel comfortable contacting you. Google research data confirms that on average, a first-time visiting patient would have gone through at least 12 different online sources before choosing a provider. Demonstrating your commitment to patients online is undoubtedly a good strategy given the data. You want your practice to be easy to find and, more importantly, verifiable.


SEO starts with your website. As previously mentioned, your patients are avid researchers. To demonstrate you have the medical remedies and expertise being searched for optimizing your web pages is vital. Your online presence has no ‘skin in the game’ unless search engines recognize the answers you have for your patients. Overcome these challenges through strategic OB/GYN marketing and advertising. Our Ad Firm Team helps you get ranked by search engines for specific keywords that are related to your medical practice.

The best part about our OB/GYN SEO is that results can increase over-time even when costs are fixed. As with other aspects of digital marketing, OB/GYN SEO strategies are most successful when used as part of an integrated system. Together with an optimized conversion site, tracking, and analytics, search engine marketing is a powerful marketing and sales solution.

When it comes to patient satisfaction, access to care and communication are two of the main issues. If you establish an active presence online — giving the impression that your medical practice is available 24/7 — you increase your communication and dependability with patients. After all, a lot of businesses use the Internet as a customer service channel, answering questions, and providing advice.

Lastly, the Internet has become so crucial for medical practices because it provides the ability to market in a merit-based manner. The days in which you could place an advert listing your qualifications in the newspaper are long gone. Nowadays, when people need a particular service, they search online, look through previous patient reviews, and use social media for advice.


Our medical and OB/GYN SEO strategists bring your objectives to reality. Whether your OB/GYN practice needs to attract more patients, appeal to patients depending on their coverage, strengthen references, and beyond. At the Ad Firm, we collaborate with you in developing a customized SEO digital marketing plan that will help you connect with your prospective patients.

We help you build strong relationships with your patients and ultimately provide measurable results for your OB/GYN practice. Build a foundation of success with our OB/GYN SEO based methods to communicate the outstanding services offered by your medical practice accurately. Our OB/GYN SEO strategy leverages these search engines to make your medical practice stand out in the minds of consumers. Your long-term success and profitability can be significantly enhanced using our measurable and transparent OB/GYN SEO strategies.


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