What SEO Firms Should Be Asking Prospective Clients

We’ve made a post earlier in the year about what clients should be asking a prospective SEO agency before choosing them for their business. If you’d like to know more, check out our blog post HERE.

This got everyone down at The Ad Firm thinking, what is it that we should be asking prospects before taking them on as clients?

We’ve grown up under the notion to take every lead because the more business we get, the more money we make, right? Well, this way of thinking can still work for some industries, but with how ever-changing the business world has become, should it still be the way we think now?

Every client is not the same and every client may not be the best fit for your business. Sometimes, not engaging in further business can be beneficial for both parties. The question is: How do we know which client may not be suitable to continue working with?

First and foremost, ask questions. Ask now, relief later. Whether you’re getting as much information through contact forms or through an early conversational phone call, keep the gathering of information quick and simple.

Here’s a list of quick tips to engage with a prospective client to see if you’re a good fit for each other:

Do You Have Any Other Office Locations

This should go without saying if you plan to implement local seo.

Final Thought On Questions SEO Firms Should Be Asking Their Clients

In the beginning, it can get awkward pretty quickly, but it’s important to know the details before getting involved with a new potential client. Be thorough but also do the necessary research yourself if you can gain the information. These are necessary questions to answer but we also don’t want to overwhelm our prospects.


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