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Angie’s List is a crowd-sourced website that contains reviews of local businesses, mainly those that provide home services. It used to be that users needed to become members first before they can view the reviews and the ratings. The site has removed that restriction and it now allows. free membership This change is opening a new avenue for small business owners and marketers that should not be ignored.

adoption of a freemium model is a major change for the website, but is aimed at attracting even more users. Angie’s List is mainly a U.S. focusedsite that used to charge fees in a sliding scale for members who are looking for services.

The most common type of charge was at $9.99 per year, which is kind of steep, especially for people who are used to getting free services on the internet. The contractors or businesses are not charged anything, but they can pay for ad placements.

The people behind the site identified a major problem with the model that they are using. There is no doubtthat the site attracts lot of traffic. It gets a lot of visitors who are looking for information about services that they need to hire.

The problem is that most of the site visitors get stuck in the home page. That’s all that they see on the site because they do not want to pay for the membership. So the paid membership becomes like a wall that prevents users from getting the information that they need.

That would not be so alarming if even half of the traffic gets past the paywall, the problem is that around 90% of all visitors are held back by it. That kind of performance is not sustainable in the long run.


A Major Change

Angie’s List started out in 1995, making it virtually a dinosaur in the internet. That was way before people are enabled by smart phones and other devices to get the services they needed. During those days, people expected information would take some time before it can be obtained. Things are different now where everything can be accessed instantaneously.

Now, Angie’s List is facing stiff competition from giants like Facebook, Amazon, and startups that are eager to prove their worth. The people behind the site realize that they need a major change in order for them to compete.

Claim Your Profile Now

There are over 700 categories in Angie’s List now and chances are that your business would fit into one of those categories. The services that they list there include automotive, pets, and health. That is on top of the home contractors for which the site is famous for.

There is a chance that your business has a profile there already even if you did not make one. It could have been made by client who wanted to leave a review. Your business could be getting lots of reviews already and you don’t even know about it.

Users of the site tend to leave very comprehensive and detailed reviews. Those are the kind of reviews that you should aim to get all the time because it contains plenty of keywords that can point to your site.

If you see that your business has a profile on the site, then you need to get control of it and if your business still has no profile there you need to create one. Once you gain control of your business profile you can communicate with reviewers and customers and also to gather leads. You can expect your business to get a boost in revenue once you control its profile.

Green is Now Free

Angie’s List is mainly offering its “Green” membership for free. If you operate a business that provides home services, you have to appreciate how crucial that change is. Now that everyone can see the reviews on the site, a good review could a huge positive impact on your business.

Gree is now free - business that provides home services

Even before the membership for Angie’s List became free, it has always been good for a business from an SEO standpoint. The site is a trusted name which makes it a huge boost for SEO.

Start Now

Angie’s List is bound to become more important in the days to come. If you have not claimed or created a profile on the site, now is the time to do so. With more good reviews, your score would go up and that score is used in determining your place in the internal search engine of the site.

Don’t be left behind. In fact, you can get ahead from the rest of the pack and use your Angie’s List profile now. If you want to boost your online reputation even further, then checkout what the AD Firm can do for you.



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