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How Threads Can Impact Digital Marketing

Threads: What You Need To Know

As a trusted full-service digital agency, The Ad Firm always stays ahead of the digital landscape’s ever-evolving trends and technologies. One of these is Threads, a new platform shaking up the social media scene. This comprehensive guide will give you an in-depth understanding of Threads, its implications for businesses, and its potential challenges and opportunities. […]

LegitScript Certification With The Ad Firm

LegitScript Certification With The Ad Firm

Obtaining a LegitScript certification is cumbersome and time-consuming but consequential in establishing credibility with potential customers and PPC campaigns’ success. Rehab centers with a LegitScript certification help secure better ad placement, acquiring quality clicks and traffic. That’s where The Ad Firm comes in because our team of Google Ads management experts will help you get […]


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