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How You Can Rank For “Near Me” Searches

If you’re a local business owner, or any business owner that would like to gain the local business, you’ve probably wondered how to rank when customers search “near me”. Take us as an example, we just recently opened up a new office in San Diego and we’d love to get as many local clients as possible.

We’d love to rank for SEO companies near me so because that’s how a lot of people are searching nowadays. Now, let’s say you’re in a niche industry that heavily relies on local customers, search terms like SEO companies near me or restaurants near me can be highly valuable.

We’re going to add in one more fact to cement the statement that phrases like SEO companies near me are on the rise.

SEO Companies Near Me Work?

Most of these searches are being heavily driven by mobile searches. Near me searches have become a critical issue in Local SEO. If you’re not already optimizing for mobile-friendly searches, you need to start immediately.

One of the first things I immediately started doing when I was hired by The Ad Firm was making sure that every single one of our pages was optimized for mobile. Think of it like this; a potential client is using their phone searching SEO companies near me and seeing what’s the best available. What would it say about our company if we’re an SEO company but our website is not mobile-friendly, or worse yet, not mobile compatible.

Study On Local SEO Ranking Factors

We found a very interesting study that made it really clear for us on phrases like SEO companies near me and why those companies are on top of the list. If you’d like to know more, check it out HERE.

  • One Factor

    Google is getting a lot of their data for “near me” rankings from links. Having a higher raw count of backlinks with your city/state in the anchor text correlated very highly with better rankings. As much as Google wants to state that backlinks aren’t as important as they used to be, they still very much matter when it comes to SEO companies near me type of searches.

  • Second Factor

    Google reviews correlated with near me searches. Other 3rd party reviews don’t have as much of an effect as having Google My Business reviews for your local business.

  • Third Factor

    Here is where the myth lies – the way you think now is that the closer you are to the prospect, in terms of proximity, will enable you to have a higher search ranking factor. Actually, Google groups them together, not by distance but by relevance.

Final Thoughts On SEO Companies Near Me Searches

All in all, you can do the most you can do to rank for “near me” searches but it’s ultimately up to Google. As for The Ad Firm, we’ve achieved our goal of ranking for SEO companies near me when you’re in the Carlsbad area, but beyond that, it’s a work in progress. Ask us how we can help your business with Local SEO, or if you have your sights set higher, ask about our SEO services. Be sure to call today and talk to one of our SEO experts on what you can do.


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