The Ad Firm Awarded One Of SuperbCompanies’ Top Global PPC Agencies In 2022

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The Ad Firm Awarded One Of SuperbCompanies’ Top Global PPC Agencies In 2022

With the digital marketing industry exhibiting continuous annual growth, competition is undoubtedly getting fiercer year by year. This is why The Ad Firm is honored to have gained the accolade as one of SuperbCompanies’ top PPC agencies worldwide in 2022.

Through competitor analysis, comprehensive PPC audit, and data-driven campaigns, our in-house pay-per-click experts helped our clients increase brand visibility, online traffic, and conversion rates. Essentially, The Ad Firm won this recognition by helping clients win.

Who Is SuperbCompanies?

SuperbCompanies is a research platform listing the top-ranking companies from numerous industries, including advertising, automotive, business, education, healthcare, and more.

To ensure users the most refined search results for each industry’s best, SuperbCompanies further breaks down companies through categories and numerous subcategories and filters like a programming language, city, state, industry focus, JavaScript frameworks, and more.

Why Businesses Choose PPC

Aside from paying only for clicked ads, PPC ads are almost like free advertising. Remember, with PPC, you don’t pay for impressions; you’re only paying for traffic-generating ads.

Essentially, PPC ads provide free (kind of) exposure even when not clicked, increasing familiarity and encouraging trust. Additionally, different PPC campaigns help address varying levels of the sales funnel.

This is why despite their difference in business sizes, startups and industry giants alike use PPC advertising. Here are some of the reasons why companies from various industries choose PPC:

Levels The Playing Feild

Unlike SEO, where it takes months to achieve tangible results, PPC offers quick entry. Done correctly, you can get the same traffic and positioning as your competitors or seasoned advertisers with PPC.

Highly Customizable Targeting Options

PPC allows you to take a multi-faceted approach to advertising with incredible targeting options, including age, location, gender, and more. With these multi-layered targeting options, you can make adjustments accordingly and hyper-target different audiences for maximum results.

Complements Other Marketing Efforts

Conversion, impression, and click data for each keyword, or keyword phrase are only a few pieces of information you can gather from Google Ads that you can use toward your SEO strategies.

Essentially, you can use crucial data from your PPC campaigns to build a highly researched SEO campaign. Since relevant keywords are the foundation of a solid online advertising campaign, PPC offers valuable information and advantages to ensure high-converting traffic.

PPC advertising is an increasingly expanding industry that is constantly evolving. What worked three weeks ago may not be considered best practice anymore. This is why it’s crucial to trust a PPC management company with up-to-date knowledge about the latest PPC advancements and changes.

Reliable PPC Management Company

The Ad Firm is a full-service, multi-award-winning PPC management agency. From keyword research and landing page optimization to conversion rate optimization and more, we’ve got you covered.

At The Ad Firm, we employ data-driven strategies to minimize PPC wasted spend and maximize ROI. Broaden your audience reach and contact The Ad Firm today for a FREE PPC analysis!

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