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In the past, bots were just dull, dumb and undeveloped machines. Now, they’ve become smart and powerful enough that they can already engage in very human-like interactions. Because of this, infinite opportunities are open for businesses in our generation. It doesn’t even matter if your business is a huge enterprise or a small mom and pop store. Whatever your type of business may be, bots offer excellent alternatives for business owners.

Generally, customers now trust digital personal assistants and bots. There are times when people actually rely on AI. These bots are also readily available, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t grab this chance to utilize them for your business advancement.

Experts believe that in less than 5 years, most of your customers will be your customers through these bots, not through traditional marketing methods and branding. Isn’t this reason enough to start using bots for your business now?

Now, if you’re convinced that you actually need bots for your business, you need to plan ahead to make them work as soon as you utilize them for your business. For instance, if your goal is to make sure your bot’s conversations with customers will lead to sales, here’s a 3-step plan.

3 Steps in Creating a Bot That Can Help You With Conversions


Step 1

First, you need to find where is the best place to start. It might surprise you, but it’s not building your bot – that’s a step that should be reserved for later. Think about it: even if you build the best bot in the world if it can’t be of use to your customer, if it doesn’t address any of your customers’ concerns, then it’s good for nothing. Hence, the best place to start is actually in finding how bots can help your customers. In order to do that, you need to find their most common complaints, issues they are having and so on. You can try to put yourself in their shoes. For instance, you can try visiting your website as a customer, making orders, trying out the products and services and so on. This will help you gain more information from the customer’s perspective. You can also use your CRM system, as we well as various analytics tools to find data and answer key questions that will help you understand how customers actually interact with your business. You need to understand how customers obtain information about your products, services or brand, how they seek assistance from your company, how they make purchases and how you can reduce the steps in your customer’s interactions with your business. It would also be helpful to compare differences among issues they are having according to the devices and channels they are using then they make a purchase or interact with your business.

Step 2

Secondly, you will have to build your hypothesis on how to solve the issues that you have discovered. With your hypothesis, you can reduce the time your customer service crew spends on simple questions with the help of bots. With the simple questions covered, you can focus your human customer service power on more complicated concerns. This will result in decrease hold time for your calling customers, more chances to help customers with longer questions and concerns and you can keep everybody happy, including you, the business owner.

Step 3

Now that you have identified the issues and picked out situations where your bots can help, you can now start building your bot. There are some helpful facts that you need to consider when you are building your bot. First, a bot is an autonomous program on a network. A Chatbot is a type of bot that can use human language to communicate with humans. There are many types of chatbots. One of them is an AI assistant, which can perform certain tasks and even services, depending on the skills it learns. When an AI assistant chatbot learns enough skills, it can help you or your customers search for something, place orders and even solve problems.

Using Bots On Your Customer Journeys


Since we are on the subject of using bots to influence your customers’ decision making, you have to be aware of certain areas where bots can be especially effective in influencing your audience.

First, you can use your bot as an introducer. If you want to do this, you need to make your bot present at the first step of the purchase procedure of the customers. There are many ways to use your bots to introduce your brand to your audience. Bots can be placed in strategic areas such as customer searches, videos, social media platforms and email marketing.

For email marketing, you can use your call to action buttons in the email you send out to redirect to your chatbot. You can use a compelling line to get them to connect to your chatbot, and the purchase can go from there. In social media, you can run ads that will connect to your chatbot, instead of a website page. This will create instant engagement and is more pleasant than other hard-sell lines.

You can also try making videos that provide instructions on how to use your bot or the extra features it offers. When your bot plays the role of an introducer, you need to make sure you entice your customers to chat!

Bot abilities do not end there. You can also use your bot as an effective influencer. For instance, your chatbot can be your all-around shop assistant. This is really a great way to use your bot for more conversions because your chatbot can be the best shop assistant you could ever hope for. For instance, if someone is looking at a shirt on your website, your chatbot could pop up, offering helpful suggestions of trousers that would perfectly match the shirt the customer is eyeing. This will be an effective marketing strategy that would get your customers purchasing items they never thought they needed.


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