How to Get More Traffic When You’ve Reached Your Best Possible Ranking

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SEO usually follow a simple pattern. First, we find the way that people use to search for our business, product or services online. We then make it a point to optimize our pages so that our entire website will match with the searches that people are doing. SEO means making sure that Google can find our pages, understand it and bring it to people who are looking for it. As long as Google believes it can trust our pages and the information found in it, we’re in for huge waves of traffic.

However, the reality is sometimes more complicated than that. We might be doing everything right but not ranking any higher? This happens when the search volume is generally low for the product or service you’re offering, as in the case of new products. Think about dating sites. Before anybody ever heard of online dating, of course we can safely assume that no one searched for it. How could anyone do so when nobody even knew it existed?

Sometimes, ranking higher is not the only answer. There are times when you just need to build your organic traffic and increase your market size. You won’t even need to change the content on your pages and you won’t even need to make an effort in link building.

Here are the things that you can try doing when it’s virtually impossible to rank any higher from where you currently are:

  1. Expand your areaOne strategy you can try is widening your territory. This does not just apply to SEO but to business in general. You can check out businesses and products that are somewhat similar to yours, and are not as competitive. When you already have a pretty well-established domain, a brand and a website, other startup brands will pale in comparison and would be easier to deal with.You can start by pooling similar and related products together. Once you have a list of products and businesses related to yours, you can use it to do a keyword research. You can also search for the search volumes, domain authorities, and the overall SEO of these other businesses. Your opportunity lies in niches that have strong potential but are dominated by weak sites. You can expand your territory by adding this product or service to your own brand. You’d be able to provide a more satisfying service for the users and can strengthen your business further.
  1. Turn Challenges into OpportunitiesYou just never now – there might be opportunities lurking even among customers who are not so ecstatic about the product you are selling. For instance, customers who want to buy a DSLR camera might not easily buy one online because of the risks. They would either just refrain from buying or choose a more affordable product so that they won’t have to think about the risks. It is also highly likely that these potential customers would do their research first before making a purchase. Therefore, pages with content comparing certain cameras of similar price, weight or functions would be a great addition. It is important though, that these pages won’t be aggressively pushing for sales or it might not be as effective. This would support your site visitors, and they would find it easier to trust your site. That trust just might turn into conversion!
  1. Pay Attention to the EnthusiastsThere might also be people who are already passionate about the product that you are selling. It would be difficult for them to stop themselves when you offer them more treats. For instance, some sites selling digital cameras and gadgets would come up with content such as a video about the evolution of digital cameras, with a subtle reference to the site where viewers can buy the camera mentioned. This is likely to grab the interest of enthusiasts when it is uploaded on social media sites. It’s basically a subtle ad targeting people who are already fans of the product featured in the video but it works.Using social media sites is also a great way to reach out and build interaction and awareness among people about your brand or product. Some businesses make it a point to post entertaining articles, images, videos and links on their social media accounts several times a day. This is a great tactic because it can turn queries into sales really quickly.One thing you should remember here is that: when people interact with your brand socially or emotionally, there is already a big chance that they will think of your brand by the time they make a purchase. This means that your low-key efforts in targeting enthusiasts won’t be a waste of time.
  1. Let People Know About Your ProductAs we have mentioned above, one of the main reasons why your ranking can’t go any higher could be because of the low search volume for your product. Many might assume that this is because some people get intimidated by the price or features of the product, but this is not the case.As we have previously explained, one likely factor why this happens is that people simply don’t know about the product yet. What can you do to solve this issue? You need to make sure your brand appears where your potential customers are searching. You need to be seen and you should stir up the attention of the consumers. There are many ways to do this – such as promotions on social media targeting users who are likely to be your potential customers.

It can get really frustrating when you’ve done your part and tailored your website to how Google should want it to be optimized, and yet your ranking does not get any better. Remember that it is also a great idea to go for the alternate option of securing more traffic for your website. The tips above will help in increasing traffic to your website. Do you know any other tactics in increasing traffic other than the ones mentioned here?

Feel free to share them with us!


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