How to Make Social Media Your Business Ally

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Why is social media only helpful to some business? Is it because of the product they’re offering? Or some companies just don’t know how to use their Social Media’s potential? After you’ve chosen your product, price, target market, and your promotion style – that is when social media comes into the picture. And I’ll be giving you tips on how you can make social media your new best friend.

Establish a Starting Point

  • When establishing a starting point you need to be realistic, start from zero and grow from there.
  • Create followers, likers, and connections that’s interested in what you’re offering.

Make your Competitor a sample

  • Please note that this tip doesn’t mean that you be a copycat.
  • You’re going to check on the things that they do on social media that works – then make yours better.
  • Refrain from doing what is not working for them.

Set Goals

  • Work on your campaign strategy for better return.
  • Remember that, social media platforms will never get the same results as your other platforms.
  • Have PATIENCE!

Name, Name, Name

  • The rule of thumb is to choose a name close to your brand, if still available
  • Second option is to create a brand name that standouts from your competitors

Content Schedule

  • Decide first how you like your content to be publish (what kind of post comes first, etc.)
  • Be consistent

Make Partners

  • Soft pitch your social media strategy to colleagues and if they find it appealing chances are they’ll be on board.
  • If they’re lacking the capacity to get on board, you can always use their word of mouth marketing.


  • Once you’ve started with your strategy, you need to constantly check and change ideas that are not working.
  • Improve on those that are working.

Keep in mind that since social media is constantly changing, this means that your social media strategy needs to evolve as well. No platform is perfect, but if your plan is well organized, planned, and executed – social media will be your new best friend.


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