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Top 4 Secret Marketing Tips for Contractors Going DIY

Top 4 Secret Marketing Tips for Contractors Going DIY

Forget about the yellow pages and phone books.  If you do not have an online presence, or you have a weak one, you’ll be left behind.


Here are four marketing tips that can take your digital presence to the next level:

  1. Get Good ReviewsCustomers are increasingly becoming more sophisticated. They would not just hire you on the strength of your own words. They would look for reviews made by other customers like themselves.Also, reviews are very important when it comes to local rankings.  You need to have reviews on Google+ and Yelp. Now, the quality of the reviews would matter too.  They should be generally positive in order to convince customers to get your services.
  2. Use Facebook Ads to Raise AwarenessThere was a time when billboard advertising was the way to go for contractors to raise local awareness. The problem with that sort of marketing is it’s difficult to track the results.Facebook ads would be a better way of raising awareness about your business in the local scene.  The results of Facebook ads would be easier to track too.When it comes to awareness, your goal is to become the first name that people in your area would think about in connection with the service you are providing.
  3. Call Only AdsWith AdWords, you will only convert 2% of the traffic. That means you pay for the 98% that does not get converted which is a huge waste. Few contractors can afford that sort of conversion rate.

    Image by PixabayWhen you use call only ads, all your cost would actually go to paying leads. That’s going to be worth it.
  4. Use RemarketingMost customers are quite smart. They would not call you after the first time they see your site. Most of them would look for other contractors and find better deals.By using remarketing ads, you can offer site visitors more specific deals.  Do you doubt the effectiveness of those ads? You only have to pay when someone clicks on them.This can be a great way to keep in your customers’ minds without having to drain your budget.Use these tips when it comes to boosting your online presence as a contractor.  If you need further help, then you should get in touch with The Ad Firm, the top SEO agency in the Orange County area.

As a contractor, you need digital marketing. There is no going around the fact that people look for service providers like you on the internet.


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