Full-Service Medical Marketing Vs. Niche Medical Marketing: Who Can Deliver Best?

Increase your patient flow. Boost your website traffic. Schedule more patients.

These are just a few of the items healthcare professionals identify on their medical marketing “wish list.” And it is all within reach alongside our full-service medical marketing agency.

Have you asked your niche medical marketing agency the right questions?

Ask questions. For example, how many other local healthcare practices are they helping? Will you be in direct competition with offices in your area? A niche medical marketing agency can only service healthcare practices, and they are most likely providing marketing services for other practices nearby.

Our full-service medical SEO agency delivers patients to you while differentiating your practice. Our services are built on medical SEO expertise that grows with your business—we provide in-depth medical marketing services.

Read more about how our medical SEO increases your patient volume.

Ready For More Patients?

We are not trying to help the local healthcare office down the street from you. You can delve into a more in-depth SEO strategy, implement a robust medical search engine marketing schedule, and invest in paid Google ads. Of course, this all depends on your medical marketing agency and how many services they provide. Luckily, we offer it all.

Our full-service medical marketing agency helps you: 

  • Appear at the top search results — beat the competition.
  • Get 5-star patient experience — offer the best patient experience every time with technology.
  • Expand your patient communication —capitalize on the growth of virtual care services.
  • Use the latest web presence tactics — get everything you need to attract and recall patients.

You can be genuinely proactive with our full-service medical marketing agency that grows your practice and sets you apart from the competition. Learn more about our specialized OB/GYN SEO Marketing.

The Basics

Consider these basic tips below for medical marketing. With a focus on SEO for medical practices, The Ad Firm provides the healthcare industry with medical marketing that is specifically designed for healthcare providers—but also offers unique services that differentiate you from your competitors.

  1. Using your website and online presence to drive medical marketing. Your website is the piece of internet real estate that can benefit you with medical SEO, and more. We use that to your advantage by conveying precisely what you would like prospective patients to know when they arrive at your site.  
  2. Optimizing your referrals for medical marketing. You and your practice are featured across dozens of websites that list local medical practices. The referral sites that patients visit most often to check a local provider’s online reviews are Google, WebMD, Yelp, and Healthgrades.
  3. Sending email campaigns with clear and relevant call-to-actions. Our medical marketing strategies attract new patients while equally providing devoted time to your current patient base. Notably, during times of stress and medical uncertainty, it’s essential to cast a wide net with these types of proven medical SEO marketing strategies.

We Empower Your Practice

The Ad Firm empowers practices to thrive in the digital age by attracting and converting patients, improving patient experience, and increasing your revenue. Our full-service medical marketing strategy provides you with a rapid expansion of virtual tools while sticking with proven medical practice marketing approaches for patient acquisition and retention.

Attract More Patients — Stand out with a high-performing, professional website that looks great on any device.

Modernize Your Patient Experience — We convert web searches into patients with 1-click. Make it easy for your prospective and current patients to schedule an appointment wherever and whenever they find you online.

Reputation Management — We improve the quality and quantity of your reviews across the apps and websites that matter.

Optimizing Your Online Listings — You and your practice are featured across potentially dozens of websites that list local businesses and medical practices. The online sites that patients visit most often to check a healthcare provider’s online reviews are Google, WebMD, Yelp, and Healthgrades. 

Read about how our medical marketing services can bring you lasting results.

We Focus On Patient Growth And Retention

The Ad Firm is a leader in healthcare practice growth with proven SEO for medical websites that empower healthcare providers to optimize every digital touchpoint of the patient journey.

As experts in the SEO medical marketing technology space, we make it easy for providers to thrive in the speedily increasing consumerization of healthcare and promote their practice online, attract patients, and retain them for life.

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